What is Human Design


The Human Design System is a radically innovative body of knowledge about the human condition and the nature of being, whose main difference with other systems is that its fundamental premises are not psychological, neither philosophical nor metaphysical. On the contrary, they rest upon a physical structure that resembles the human form and out of which all the mechanical and cognitive laws emerge that are used by our genes to organize our physical experience of the world of form and consciously integrate with life at a holistic level.

The individual way in which this Bodygraph is imprinted at birth determines our unique way to embody human potential, and conditions the perception that we have of ourselves in relationship to life and to the people in our environment. The functionality of this human structure is entirely mechanical, and therefore free from any slant towards any kind of dogma, since the truth revealed by its configuration can only be accessed individually and it can never be the same for any two human beings.

Moreover, the language in which the information is delivered follows a logic that is easy to understand for anyone who wants to experiment with it in their own life, because everything that it reveals is inherently human and is part of everybody’s daily lives. Instead of giving the rational mind something to believe in, it speaks directly to the potential awareness of each individual, offering a concrete map of the human characteristics that determine the tangible and observable nature of a person.

Based on the main characteristics revealed on the surface of the Bodygraph, it reveals the two basic formulas (Strategy & Authority) that can lead to anybody’s transformation and wellbeing. The practical application of these mechanical formulas optimizes the management of the individual life, neutralizing the resistances met in the environment through the correctness in the decision making process. The simplicity of its practical tools allows every individual to experiment with them in all areas of their personal life, and verify for himself the irreversible difference it can make in his or her perception of their life trajectory.


Introducing your birth data into the software program it will calculate the imprinting of your individual design. The resulting Bodygraph reveals the four most fundamental formulas that you will have to pay attention to as you continuously experiment with them in your daily life: Your Definition, your Type, your source of Inner Authority and your Profile. The plain understanding of these basic human mechanisms allows you to radically transform your way of identifying the source of Inner Authority that you trust when you have to make a decision for yourself.


Your Definition is the mechanical foundation that creates the set of human characteristics that consistently sustains the biological ‘life force’ in your individual design. As its nature is fixed, organic and unchanging, in the properties of this ‘life force’ we find the only references we can trust in the continued perception that we all have over ‘who we think we are’. When we operate correctly in accordance to our Definition, it becomes the consistent leading thread of the individual purpose that we recognize in the identity that builds our own biographical memory.


Your Type reveals the main key in your organic functionality, synthesizing all your personal characteristics into one single mechanical formula that describes the most natural and correct way to nourish your individual difference in relationship to the rest of the world. Once you learn to manage them in an appropriate way for your kind of design, all your human characteristics will naturally harmonize and become easy to orchestrate in your awareness.


Your ‘Inner Authority’ describes your natural capacity to make the most adequate decisions for yourself independently of whatever your circumstances are, and it is a way to make decisions that is always anchored in the consistency of the physical sensations and signals from the body and never in mental reasoning. The cognitive root that catalyzes these sensations in the body can be found in the intuition, in the instinct, in the taste, in the fluctuations of our emotional moods, or even in the simple ability of some human beings to existentially respond, but never in mental speculation. Hence its depth and transcendent reliability when it comes to sustain and guide our life in the material plane of the form.


Your Profile is the natural bridge between your body and your personality. Out of it emerges the nature that fuels your individual life and the role that gives purpose to the character that consistently expresses his awareness through us on a daily basis. Your Profile is the most amazing instrument you have to measure your own correctness in the interactions you have with the rest of the world. Based on the fluidity or the resistances that you meet when you try to communicate with others in your life, you can see for yourself to which extent you might still be holding on to some of the childhood conditionings that keep the projection and perception of your original role in distortion.



The number of combinations that can emerge out of the genetic matrix of the human species is practically infinite. This means that having a tool that allows one to objectively measure the difference between what makes us equal to the rest of human beings and what makes us absolutely unique is surely an individual privilege that is also the dream of all cognitive sciences, including the most vanguard. In Human Design, this individual difference is not only portrait in an unmistaken way in the structure of the physical Bodygraph, but it also reveals the inherent purpose in the fundamental duality with which all human beings come into the world.


As is confirmed every other day by all orthodox sciences that investigate the nature of our species, what makes all humans equal is the biological form that is our vehicle for life and through which we operate in the material world that we live in, but the thing that makes each of us absolutely unique is the orientation of the cognitive potential that is inherent to our form and determines the perception in life of our conscious personality. This potential is based on the predisposition of our individual brain structure. It is within the very genetic nucleus of the body where the cognitive orientation of the brain is imprinted in response to the quantum field in the very moment of birth. This difference in the cognitive orientation of each human being can be analyzed – in an entirely visual and logical way – by any Human Design professional that is properly qualified.


This difference in the cognitive orientation of each human being is called ‘individual imprinting’, because it provides us with a specific set of human characteristics that will define us – for ‘good’ and for ‘bad’ – during our entire life. These innate characteristics determine both the natural predisposition of our physical form to consistently sustain and manifest its individual difference, and also the areas of vulnerability that will keep us forever dependent on our ability to adapt to the material circumstances that we meet on a moment to moment basis.

For the first time in the long evolutionary history of our species do we have knowledge about the individual potential in each human being that is not based in dogmas and not in any kind of idealization about the kind of creatures that we are as a bioform. The so called Rave Bodygraph is an organic structure that reveals the mechanical model used by our genes in order to organize the physical life of our bodies, and simultaneously sustain the cognitive functionality of the brain in permanent alignment with the conscious realm of the human personality.


Once we stop fighting with our own human characteristics, we instantaneously transcend also their limitation, and this brings the awakening in us of a sense of purpose that is inherent to our presence in the world and that nobody could ever fulfill in our place. When we accept and transcend our characteristics, the rational mind can stop comparing us with others in order to be able to define who we are, and this is something that will open your perception to a natural sense of abundance that was always there, but that you were incapable of appreciating because your mind was identified with the conditioned attitudes acquired during your earliest childhood. The difference between a homogeneously grey life and a life that is filled with a natural sense of purpose depends on something as simple as accepting the difference of one’s individual imprinting instead of fighting and resisting it.


Solomon said: “Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity.” There are many interpretations for the meaning of the term vanity, but they all point in the direction of human identification and worry with the mundane and transitory aspects of life. In opposition to human vanity we have the Socratic recognition that says: “I only know that I know nothing.” To know that one knows not. To know that one knows not until knowing simply happens is the basis of all inspiration and creative self-expression.

The only bad thing about being ignorant is not being aware of it, and refusing to accept this limitation as a first and most fundamental step towards transcendence. Creative knowing is naturally empowered when it accepts the underlying ignorance about the nature of being human with which we are all born; a natural limitation in our individual perspective on life that allows us to speak only for ourselves if we want to be and remain truthful. Creative knowing is not comparative, because it does not search for a way to improve the ‘old’, but to simply find fulfillment in the ‘new’, which is always the potential that emerges out of the continuum of the ‘here and now’.

However, if one is incapable of accepting one’s own ignorance and limited perspective, the rational mind is always going to compare everything to some homogenized ideal in its obsession to determine the action that will best guarantee the implementation of its projected agenda. In its automatism, the poor conditioned mind is unaware of the fact that all of its comparisons and choices are always driven by some fear of being inadequate if not trying to do something that brings the perception of ‘improvement’. At the root of this automatic pilot mode that drives the mind of humans there is transference in the motivation that inspires our individual mental process, putting us under pressure to harmonize with the world around us, and this is what brings deep distortion into the human psyche.

The Human Design System is a manual for ‘No Fault Being’ that offers you tools for transformation that have the power to disarm those conditioned motivations, and to open the door to the most natural motivation of all; the motivation to simply be what you already are, allowing yourself to learn to be in tune with the greater flow of existence. To become aware of the limitation in our individual perspective is the only way to set a healthy limit to our own personal vanity, without any need to deny it or condemning ourselves for not being able to get rid of it.



Almost everyone would agree in recognizing the inherent value in the proclamation of the so called ‘Human Rights’. However, the responsibility for most human suffering is rooted in the very mystified idea that we have about the very meaning of being human and the vane believe in the superior value that we humans assume to have in comparison to any other form of life. The truth though is that the meaning and purpose that we mentally project onto the nature of all things are rooted in all kinds of philosophical, moral and pseudo-spiritual dogmas. These dogmas seem to place the value of human incarnation above the animal kingdom, and even the vegetal kingdom, but the reality is that they only make us feel separate from the original source of life that breathes and resides in the very spirit of nature.

This is why I live with the frustrating conviction that tells me that, despite the fact that it is not something that will ever happen in the destiny of human civilization, the general level of the mechanics that determine the lives of humans is something that should be taught to children in school before the age of fourteen. This would allow us to nourish understanding in our young teenagers that is emotionally objective about what it really implies to be born a human, independently from what their religion is, or the color of their skin, or their age and gender.

Instead of imposing on them the homogenization of their potential awareness, a healthy education should start by instructing our youngsters in the respect for the individual differences of each human being. This false mystification of the fact of being born a human traps the consciousness of individuals in a life of social habits, and is responsible for the greater part of emotional and psychological suffering amongst the members of our species.

It is enough to understand the simplicity of the mechanical and cognitive structure that regulates the interaction between members of our species, to become aware that the same limitations that condition the individual perspective of human beings are also responsible for the empowerment that marks the difference of their uniqueness and genius. It is the correct management (or not) of our innate characteristics that empowers the fulfillment of the individual spirit (or its distortion).



It is a perversion that one should need reasons to love oneself, when in reality reasons are only needed to understand what it is that one hates. Loving oneself is the most natural thing, and it brings a sensation that transcends all reasons. Experiment it for yourself and discover the empowerment of your personal magic by learning to trust in your own most intrinsic nature.


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