Living your design

Like Ra said so many times, human beings are stuck on the very surface of their characteristics. It is almost scary to realize how much it is actually so from a mechanical point of view. That is why the ‘Living Your Design’ program is truly not a course, but rather a very intense and personal shattering experience on the mental level. One in which the participants are simply faced with the futility of all their homogenized mental attitudes that are rooted in the openness that can be found in their designs, and in the deceptive and distorted sense of authority that they project through their attempt to control their lives through their rational minds.

This process represents a simple blow that can break down the mental structures of anyone that is unfamiliar with the density of their own not-self dynamics, but this is not where the impact and purpose of this course is meant to end. On the contrary, there is a healing process in the individual spirit that starts taking place right after the shattering, and that is meant to evolve very differently for each of the four types.

In my own personal experience and observation as a professional teacher, it is clear to me that if you don’t understand the transcendence of integrating mental dilemma in the way you move in your everyday life, then you can easily use Human Design to excuse and justify anything you want, in yourself and others, and remain at exactly the same level of self-awareness that you had before meeting it.

This is why I have decided to create this extended version of a program that is normally taught in only two days, in order to completely deconstruct the nature of each of the four types at all possible levels that have structural relevance in explaining its fundamental mechanics, and contribute to understand the transcendent logic of its corresponding mental dilemma. We will look at type as an evolutionary construct, and learn to correlate the transcendent purpose of its very existence to the fulfillment of the higher functions represented in the 4 quarters of the wheel.

Type is so much more than a simple strategy for correct decision making. It holds the potential for the realization of purpose in every single human being, because it holds the key to the most precious treasure there is in any of us; the uniqueness of our self-reflected consciousness when we express it in alignment with our type’s signature.

Duration: 8 sessions of 90 minutes each
Pre-requisites: None
Location: Live or Online
Level: Initiation
Contents: The 9 Centers and the 4 Types


  • Introduction
  • General Conditioning
  • Learning to cope with Pressure
  • The Heart Center and the false Myth of Free Will
  • The Throat Center and the Manifestor
  • The Sacral Center and the Generator
  • The 3 Centers of Awareness and the Projector
  • The G-Center and the Reflector


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