Manifestors, fear and peace

Your spirit can’t be in peace if you are afraid of doing something in your mind, and the only way to get rid of the fear if you are a Manifestor, is to shake it off by confronting it and seeing if you actually need to do something about exactly the same thing that you might be afraid of and occupies your mind. Only then you can find a place of rest inside yourself. That’s the Yang spirit of the Manifestor. It is a configuration of personal power to initiate action combined with a little bit of elementary awareness.

When Manifestors did something that nobody else did before, they also know something that nobody else knows. They can use this knowledge to scare the others, which is basically what the Manifestor power has been about for most of our human history. Like in any ‘Game of Thrones’, you don’t need to kill everybody to make them all afraid to lose their lives, you just need to kill one in front of everybody, and they’ll know what can happen to them as well if they don’t back off. This is the blind drive behind Manifestor anger, to die killing. You’re afraid, you scream out of your head, so fear doesn’t stop you. You become its servant. If you die, you die. If you don’t, you always learn something.

Trying to neutralize fear with blind anger can also bring advantages. If you never confront fear at all, then you don’t know what’s possible. This is the advantage of Not-Self Manifestors compared to the Not-Self Generators, and that has always made them the one-eyed human initiating the civilization of the blind.


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