BG5 – Semester 3

June 27, 28, 29 & 30 2019
Kiev, Ucrania

Watch Alokanand’s presentation here

BG5-Business Group 5-is a Professional Training in the Human Design System dedicated to the material path and processes occurring inside the group and in the interaction of the individual with the group.

Analysis of a Rave Chart of a particular person from the BG5 perspective allows to read his or her career profile: to identify gifts and talents in the movement of the material plan, as well as the shadows that prevent healthy earnings and interaction with other people in the world of business.

The analysis of partnership from the perspective of BG5 allows to see mechanics of interaction of two business partners-and to help them to define the roles and levels of responsibility of each in their common business.

Penta Analysis allows you to see what is happening inside the group. What problems constantly arise and how to deal with them. What changes in the group should be made and which would not make sense. How to make small group work successful in all aspects of doing business: moral and material.

We will work in a deep and consistent manner through each of these aspects. It assumes a lot of practical work including work with the maps of participants and those groups with which they have a business interaction. So you can start experiment and test for yourself this part of Human Design System from the first days of the course.

The course is conducted by Alokanand Diaz del Rio. And, of course, we will investigate thoroughly ?

The course divided into 3 semesters and lasts a year.

The course will be held in Kiev and translated into Russian, Spanish and Italian.
You can participate in the course live or online.

All students of the Human Design System, completed level of Rave-Cartography can participate in this course.

Especially this course recommended to business owners, team leaders and all those who advise others on business issues.

The first Semester will be held from the 1st to the 4th of November.
The cost of participation in the semester 1500 euros.
The “Early Bird” price till October, 1-1400 euro.

Also, before the end of the course you will need to pay for licensing and software in the amount of 1500 USD directly to IHDS (International Human Design School).

For questions of registration, payment and possibilities of accommodation (if you decide to go to Kiev to take part in course aurically) and other organizational moments please contact the organizer of the course:


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