August 10th 2020

It is very common that students and other people of Human Design have heard about the importance of the ‘Saturn Return Cycle’, especially for individuals around the age of 30, but the true importance and significance of this so called ‘Cycle of Capacity’, for which the 6th line profile is only the perfect ‘example’, is not sufficiently comprehended. One needs to understand what was happening, year after year, to the potential of the human personality, until it reaches a place in its internal development that it had never met so clearly before in its earlier development; the absolute inner demand for self-restrain if one truly wants to have a chance to succeed in establishing the differentiated life purpose that is inherent to the incarnation cross that we carry in our imprinting . Only after having spent more than 30 years of age on planet Earth is the human personality ready to live with integrity on a path of self-mastery.

During this classroom day (4 sessions of 90 minutes each) I will deconstruct the Saturn cycle into its 4 different quarters, of seven years each, using the same example year after year, to experientially ground the understanding of the human substance that develops in the individual spirit during this most important life cycle. Year after year, as Saturn moves around the wheel, the personality Sun is challenged to learn to restrain the projection of its light in its materially driven need to establish and maintain harmony in its relationship with environmental forces (family, coworkers, society, friends, partners and lovers).

If there is one lesson that the Saturn cycle teaches us all in our development is that being born a member of the human species can be a lot of things, but easy is certainly not one of them.


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