August 11th 2020

Seen from the perspective of the potential for differentiated human awareness, the human journey is not meant to be less challenging after the Saturn return, but in some ways actually more. Having learned to restrain its self-expression in order to establish the purpose of its cross in the material world, the personality is now confronted with the deeper veils of illusion that distort its perception from places that fall way beyond its personal scope, namely the fact that the world one wakes up to every day does not seem to contain the elements that would seem necessary in order to find fulfillment in the life that one is living. Now, it is obviously not that those elements are not there, but the homogenized personality is simply unable to see them or to engage with them in a ‘correct’ way. This is because despite the maturation of its capacity for self-restrain, the way it has learned to look at the world, and the things it expects from life, are rooted in a worldview that is not original. Between the first Saturn cycle and the Uranus Opposition, the human personality is ‘trapped’ in the perception of a homogenized version of the world and life’s purpose as it was found to be present in the geometry that one was born into; a world that contains everything one can dream of, but that is completely unprepared for the uniqueness that each of us embodies.

One can easily make a cosmic joke out of this particular aspect of the human condition, if it wasn’t for the tragic dimension that it reveals about our always unstable and fragile existence. The Uranus Opposition is a marker that forces the potential of the human personality to undergo a deep transformation in the way it projects itself in interaction with the material circumstances that it has created for itself with the decisions that were taken in the first half of the life. This does not always come easy, since by this age the average human personality has lost the resilience it once used to have. The famous ‘middle-age crisis’ is a homogenized manifestation of this maturation cycle, and rather than a catastrophe triggered by unwanted changes in the perception of environmental forces, this could be an enlightening opportunity for the personality to recognize that its fate has always been in ‘its own hands’.

What lies in front of it from here onwards is a world in which there is no need to change anything and no other purpose than making sure that one is treading on it leaving exactly the individual footprints that one would want to leave. The way the personality looks at the future and the past altogether is an equation that is deeply transformed during this phase.


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