Light and shadow of the 36 channels


Channels are the foundation of any individual’s process of differentiation, and they are particularly important during the de-conditioning process. They are the foundation of Definition, and they embody the only principles that anybody can trust to be absolutely consistent (for good and for bad) in their personal life experience. Type and Authority are also two constructs that have specific channels as their foundation in every individual design. Just about everything that makes a difference in the management of anybody’s design in the daily life depends on having a proper understanding of the values that are inherent to the life force that is being processed through each of the 36 channels that make up the Rave Body Graph. 

Most people are familiar with the channels as an aspect of a specific circuit, in the way they are presented in the Rave ABC certification program, which is where everybody first learns about them. However, that is almost never the way they appear in the individual design, where for most people the defined channels make up an interesting combination of different and oftentimes colliding characteristics that drive their individual life force and are never easy to integrate into one single flow. When these colliding forces are not properly managed, the defined channels can become enslaved by the way the Not-Self mind deals with the openness in the design, which creates distortion in the way in which what is meant to define what is consistent in ourselves emerges on the surface. 

It is this phenomenon of distortion in our frequency that creates mental identification with anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment in the 4 types, but the truth is that channels can be a great cornerstone of the way in which we measure the consistency of our own sense of correctness in the daily life, because channels embody a fixed and consistent mechanical (biological) process, and mechanics simply don’t lie. 

Before your channels can serve the circuit that they belong to with correctness, first they have to serve you in achieving the signature of your design in your daily life, but In order to use your defined channels in this way, you have to take them beyond their specific circuitry and see them for what they stand for just by themselves, all alone and rooted in the absolute truth that they embody with the specific chemistry and life force that they contribute to your holistic frequency. 

In this course, I will deconstruct the life force that operates through each of the 36 channels, accentuating every aspect that contributes to its inherent psychology and dilemmas, both from the homogenized distortion that is expected to emerge as consequence of conditioning as much as from the perspective of its true potential as an essential aspect of our human life force that can embody and represent human life with truth and love. 

I will deconstruct the channels through the most transcendent perspectives provided by the wheel, where channels and gates carry a sense of purpose that is revealed in the themes of the quarters, godheads and incarnation crosses that they participate in. 

At the approximate rate of 6 channels per day, in only four days the participants will learn to see not only the channels but the whole Rave Body Graph from a totally different level, and what is best, they will learn to see that channels are where the whole body of knowledge of the Human Design System comes permanently and consistently alive in the auras of human beings. 

DATE: AUGUST 4th TO AUGUST 10th 2022 – FROM 15:00 pm TO 18:30 pm CET (GMT+2) (SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th DAY OFF)

PRICE: 450 Euro (Early Bird 400 before July 1st)