Professional ‘Living your Design Guide’ certified training


The longer I have been in this journey of watching myself live out my life and codify my personal experience through the mechanical lens of the Human Design System, the clearer it appears to be that the greatest value of this body of knowledge is to be found in its fundamental simplicity as a synthesis of the human condition. Despite the deep sophistication of which our rational minds are naturally capable, Human Design basically reveals that when not blinded by our own self-infatuating vanity, human beings are actually rather simple and predictable in the compulsiveness that drives their fundamental behavior. Not just their behavior, but actually the way their minds are going to be conditioned to think, because ‘Homo Sapiens’ cannot even conceive its place in existence without depending on its rational mind for it. 

As a passionate lover of this mechanical synthesis, and of the depth with which it points at the uniqueness of the human potential that is born with every single individual that comes into this world, I am the first one to value the depth and the consistency of the logic that can be found in the details of each and every layer of the structure of this amazing body of knowledge, but considering that the most essential aspects of human understanding are always those that can make the greatest difference when they are applied to our every day experience, I could never stop myself from coming back again and again to the most simple formulas, to the very surface of the Rave Body Graph, to the place where things simply become humanly alive and shockingly obvious. 

There is this sense of being deeply shocked because one suddenly gets to see something so ‘shockingly obvious’ about oneself that one had never managed to ‘see’ so clearly before, as if one had become used to live one’s life in a permanent state of ‘distraction’ from oneself, and with the focus of our attention permanently turned onto something that is not who we are. Now, you see, the ‘Living Your Design’ program is not designed to teach anyone how interesting and intellectually sophisticated the Human Design System is, but as Ra was putting it, it is meant to be a ‘demolition experience’ that opens cracks in the walls of people’s mentalities, waking human individuals up from that state of homogenized mental distraction. 

In my own development as a ‘Living Your Design Guide’ I have always remained absolutely loyal to the way in which I have received this knowledge from the source itself, my beloved mystery man Mr. Ra Uru Hu himself, definitely evolving in my own substance and spirit but always remaining deeply aligned with the fundamental formulas that he was working with. Therefore I intend to teach those participating in this professional training to get ready to transmit it to others the same way that he used to do that, at least in spirit. 

For this I will share with the participants a compressed synthesis of everything I have come to know in my 28 years of dedication to this knowledge about the 4 types and the transcendence of their specific mental dilemmas, without which they can’t really be understood. The depth with which each of the topics is covered in the top quality video materials through which most of it is presented is something unseen in the world of Human Design, and this will allow participants to easily acquire an experiential and not only theoretical understanding of the way in which this information is to be presented to newcomers. 

All of this will be encompassed with regular ‘Question & Answer’ sessions between one major topic and the next, to ensure that trainees have been able to properly absorb the information and develop their own feel for it before being certified to pass the message on to the people that are on their fractal line. 

As the whole ‘Living Your Design’ process is entirely experiential, the questions should be as personal and close to one’s own experience as possible, which asks for my answers to be grounded in the specifics of each participant’s design. This enriches the process and is an example for the way in which this information is to be transmitted, NOT as something to be believed in, but rather as something to be tested and personally experimented with in the daily life. 

Note 1: The course materials will be a combination of pre-recorded audio and video files, of which only the audio material will be downloadable, whereas the video files will only be viewed online for protective reasons. 

Note 2: There will be a downloadable audio recording of the complete training that will be made available to all participants together with the recordings of all the LIVE Q & A SESSIONS that will be regularly taking place. 

Note 3: The LIVE Q & A SESSIONS will take place online and last between 90 minutes and two full hours. 


General Conditioning Themes: Available in Video (About 5 hours)

00 – Type is a Mechanical Absolute

01 – Human Suffering and the two Pressure centers

02 – Human Suffering and the Throat center

03 – Human Suffering and the Heart Center 

1ST LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, February 14th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) 2022

The Manifestor Type: Available in Video (About 5 hours)

00 – The Evolution of the Type Structure

01 – Forces of Manifestation

02 – Polarities of Manifestation

03 – The Manifestor and the Godhead 

2ND LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, February 21st at 18:00 CET (GMT+1), 2022

The Generator Type: Available in Video (About 5 hours)

00 – Generator Mechanics

01 – Life Force and Generators

02 – Satisfaction is in the response to Learning

03 – Satisfaction is in the response to Bonding and Transformation

3RD LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, February 28th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) 2022

The Projector Type: Available in Video (About 5 hours)

00 – Projectors are about Awareness

01 – The Projector Type

02 – Living the Projector’s Life 

03 – Awareness is Receptivity in the Projector 

4TH LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, March 7th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) 2022

The Reflector Type: Available in Video (About 5 hours)

00 – The Reflector and the G-Center

01 – The Reflector and the Homogenization of Human Identity

02 – The Reflector and the Moon 

03 – The Reflector and the Signature of Surprise

5TH LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, March 14th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1), 2022

Living by Your Own Authority: Available in Screencast MP4 (About 9 hours)

00 – The Homogenization of Authority

01 – Authority and Differentiated Awareness

02 – Sacral and Splenic Authorities

03 – Emotional Authority  

04 – Self-Projected Authority 

05 – Ego Projected and Ego Manifested Authority 

06 – No Inner Authority 

6TH LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, March 21st at 18:00 CET (GMT+1), 2022

Living Your Design Guide Complete Toolbox: 

01 – The Not-Self Hierarchies (About 90 Minutes)

7TH LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, March 28th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) 2022

02 – An Introduction to the Human Design System (About 4 to 5 hours)

8TH LIVE Q & A SESSION on Monday, April 4th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) , 2022

9TH LIVE SESSION – SUCCEEDING AS A LYDG on Monday, April 11th at 18:00 CET (GMT+1) 2022