PTL 1 – Semester 3

July 18th and 19th 2020

This is where your true vocation for the pure analysis of human mechanics is going to be tested. If you make it through this first year, you are more than likely to make it through to the end and become a truly fine analyst ready to deliver a fist hand initiation out of your own mechanical perspective on human life.

This is the most challenging and taxing of all professional levels, because after a process in which you grew accustomed to receiving loads of fresh and exciting information from your teacher in each new session, there is no new conceptual input, so to speak, when you get to this point. Here it is all a matter of learning how to put together all the pieces of the many and different things that the students have learned so far, until they are presented with a clear mechanical picture that allows them to humanize the specifics of the ‘human machinery’ inherent in any individual Rave body graph.

This level of professional training is entirely focused of the development of the student’s ability to synthesize and compress the mechanical information present in the chart, and the efficient delivery of the information to their future clients.

As a novelty, this time I will combine live teaching in my home in Ibiza with online participation, and the complete first year of the PTL1 process will be divided in six complete weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 4 sessions of 90 minutes each per day) that will take place once every two months starting on 2019, October 19 & 20. Coming to Ibiza during the wintertime is far more economical than during the summer season, and those interested in having some live interaction with me and other participants are more than welcome to assist live, at least once to get to know each other. I found online interaction with people who I had met before in the aura to be something that eliminates the coldness that is possible when listening online to someone that you have never met before.

If because of the travelling distance such a thing would not be possible at all, online participation is still available and not necessarily a handicap, given that everybody is going to have two months time to assimilate and digest the information before coming back for the next intake. Both ways have its advantages and disadvantages, but what is certain is that the flow of my teaching is much clearer when I focus on teaching for a day long than when I do it for a single session once a week. In case anyone participating online cannot assist live to all the four daily sessions there will be absolutely no loss, because every evening the recorded files will be delivered to all participants.

Each weekend will be covering different layers of the ‘Art of Synthesis’, and between semesters participants will receive plenty of complementary recorded materials of mine to download and self-study. In combination with the practical work that we will be doing through examples and regular homework assignments, this program is designed to empower anybody’s potential to reach a truly professional level:

Complete PTL 1

12 days of training – 4 sessions per day
Starting on October 19th 2019

1. October 19th and 20th 2019:

The Art of Keynoting

The Flow of Information in the Rave Body Graph

The Rave Body Graph is Alive in You

The Flow of ‘Normality’ or not

Introduction to Penta & WA

Downloads included in the first weekend: (Keynoting: Days 1 and 2)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


2. December 14th and 15th 2019:

Introducing RAM – Rave Analysis Method

Keynoting Life Force

Mapping the Not-Self Mind

Keynoting Split Definitions

Keynoting Openness

Downloads included in the second weekend: (Keynoting: Days 3 and 4)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


3. February 8th and 9th 2020:

Awareness: Signature or Distortion

Human Characteristics and Individual Purpose

Awakening: Internal and External in Juxtaposition

Introduction to Color and Color Transference

The Nodes of the Moon: The Individual Life Story

Variable: The flow of differentiated Awareness

Downloads included in the third weekend: (Profile and Purpose)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


4. April 11th and 12th 2020:

Introduction to the Rave I-Ching

Exaltation and Detriment

Keynoting Lines through RAM

Planetary Values in Design and Personality

Keynoting Planetary Values through RAM

Downloads included in the fourth weekend: (The 32 Nodal Polarities)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


5. June 6th and 7th 2020:

Illusion works from the Base Up

The Synthesis is on the Surface

Creating the Not-Self Formula

Creating the true Self Formula

Communicating with the Passenger

Downloads included in the fifth weekend: (Deconstructing the Rave Chart: 6 sessions of 90’)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


6. July 18th and 19th 2020:

General Review

Tailoring Individual Potential for Differentiation

Working with the 4 Types

Working with the 12 Profiles

Classroom Examples and Exercises

Downloads included in the fifth weekend: (The Four Views)

Homework Assignment with personalized feedback


*Note: Detailed information for the remaining stations will soon follow


8 sessions 500€
48 sessions (1 year of Professional Training, complete PTL 1: 2700€ – You save 300€!



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