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Terms like ‘Penta’ and ‘WA’ have been around for long now in the world of Human Design, but my perception is that there are still way too few human beings that are properly informed and fully alerted against the distortive power of these two transauric entities, which is scary if you consider how much time most of us spend every day of our lives immersed in environments that are controlled by the group dynamics established by them. Despite their apparent invisibility, they absolutely determine the nature of the material world that we live in, and since it is not in anybody’s hands to eliminate or neutralize them, there are only two ways to deal with them; submit or surrender. Now, these two terms can sound so alike in the ears of the Not-self, and yet they refer to two totally different ways to experience the inherent potential and limitation of existing as a human individual. Submitting to the world as it is imposed on you from birth unavoidably leads to personal resistance and triggers the homogenized desire to change it, which we know how frustrating a purpose this can be. It is only in conscious and aware surrender to the flow of life that we can make a creative contribution to the world without needing to submit to anyone or be driven to change it. Human Design is knowledge that is alive, and it should be used as a tool for an increasingly creative management of the individual relationship that we all have to the material reality of the world that we wake up to every single day of our lives.

Once you understand the way these entities function in the rigidity of their mechanical structure, you are not very likely to continue to blindly identify with them, nor to resist them. This can bring you life changing insights, since most of the decisions that human beings make incorrectly are made within these contaminated and deeply restrictive group environments.



Since the world exists, the overwhelming majority of human beings are born into an existing Penta. Even if you are the first child like I am, you create the family Penta yourself the very moment you come out of your mother’s womb, because any human interaction that goes beyond the meeting of two individuals in a shared aura brings with it the homogenizing mechanical frameworks of Penta. The Mother, the Father and the Child form a trinity that forces the human mind to go beyond the dualities of ‘one on one’ bonding, which in its ignorance of mechanics it can only do so through the agency of faith in something ‘otherworldly’. It is not for nothing that everything that is supposed to be sacred about life is so deeply embedded within the family construct, which is exactly what the Penta dynamics are all about.

Raising children together is the way in which the genetic imperative to reproduce catches hold of us and almost never allows us to let go again. The moment the Penta exists it imposes its structure of ‘Roles & Rules’ on all of its members, demanding from them the sacrifice of their individuality – as the only way to (lovingly or not) satisfy the responsibilities acquired with the group – and creating an irresolvable psychological conflict in the perception that every human individual has of him or herself. This conflict is at the root of most human suffering.

This seminar is not a course in BG5 or Family Analysis, which are the two known professional applications for this knowledge in the world of Human Design, but it is rather a sociological exploration of the way in which pre-established group dynamics are designed to shape the unique consciousness and identity of each human being into a comparable pattern of ‘normality’. Very much like Penta and WA, ‘normality’ does not seem to exist, but in a rather invisible way it has its grip on the consciousness of every single human being. No choice, said ‘The Voice’.

Now, why is it important to know the way one is designed to experience one’s personal connection to these two transauric forces? Well, for one because they so deeply condition our individual perception and behavior on a daily basis, but even more so because the script that we experience with our family during our childhood tends to reproduce itself every time we step into a group environment that is ruled by Penta dynamics (3 to 6 members). Penta determines how we relate to other members of the group in relationships that we could categorize as ‘personal’.

Based on our individual imprinting, every human individual is born with a different predisposition to both identify and conflict in its way to integrate with the group, and this is why I want to divide this seminar into two parts that enrich each other; theory and praxis. In the first day I will introduce the Penta in its mechanical structure through all of its social manifestations, starting with the family Penta, moving through the business Penta and ending with the social Penta, so that we can see how all permeating this dynamic is in everyone’s life. During the second part I will open myself up to try to answer the questions of all participants through their own personal example – with their charts up on the screen – which is the best way to absorb information and a great opportunity to see how those mechanics become alive in the lives of other participants as well.


AUGUST 11 & 12

If Penta is the way we are conditioned to interact in relationships within the small groups that shape our personal lives, WA does the same to the way in which we relate to society (any human group larger than 9 members) as a whole. That is, to the perception that we have of ourselves as a member of the human species, which connects us to the transpersonal realm of consciousness. This is the cognitive social root that enables every human being that is old enough to rationalize to indulge himself in the vanity of believing in any generalization about the nature and purpose of being human that he or she is capable of imagining.

Paradoxically, where Penta limits and conditions the unique expression of our Personality in how we relate to others in ‘personal’ relationships, WA limits and conditions the unique expression of the human beast (The Design) through the sexual taboos (pre-established social protocols) and tribal laws that are at the root of our limited understanding about the helpless condition and the driven nature of being human.

If this sounds complex, you shall be surprised of how simple it actually is when you can see it operating through the mechanical structure that determines its functionality. Like with the Penta, on the first day I will make a presentation of the WA and the general mechanics through which it organizes the awareness in the life of all human beings that live integrated in some form of civilization, awakening the nature of ‘evil’ in our daily lives with the essence of its primitive laws. During the second day I will repeat the same experiment as in the Penta, opening myself up to illustrate mi answers to the questions of participants with the lively example of their own design on the screen, which will create an enriching human environment where everybody can learn from the diversified experience that can be observed in those that are different from us.

Price 4 days: 350 Euro
Price 2 days: 200 Euro

Date: 9th-12th August

Time: 10:00 am

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