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Revisiting Projectors: The Life Force of Awareness – IBIZALOK 2019

15, 16 & 17 February 2019

With Alokanand Díaz

Unfortunately it is only too common, even amongst long time professionals, to find difficulty in explaining the Projector type without it appearing to be some kind of fateful existential disadvantage, which is understandable if one has not truly grasped the essential purpose of being born with an aura that operates under the mechanics of this archetypal nine centered human type.

When we say the Projector is a non-energy type we are NOT really aware of what that means and of all the implications that has in regard to what their psychological process is all about. Considering that 80% of human beings have always been energy types, the one thing we can say for sure is that being a Projector does not resemble anything human that is considered to be ‘normal’.

Because of my personal circumstances, I had to deal with Projectors very closely right from the beginning of my career, and have tried to share my understanding about this most fascinating and diversified type in a few other courses that I have taught in different places overtime. It has been a while though since I have been feeling the wish to revisit the mechanics that drive their process as my own understanding of them has deepened.

After a general introduction, this time I intend to describe what the vital moment by moment process is for someone who has to learn to rely on the life force that emerges out of any of the 22 projected channels that exist in the human structure, and reveal the inherent purpose in embodying such tremendous gifts and having to do nothing with them other than simply remaining present and sensitive to one’s one essential being.

This is a course that is open to anyone, but very particularly dedicated to those who find mystery in trying to explain why being born a projector designed for success should never be even looked at like a disadvantage, but very much the opposite.

Price 500€
Early Bird (until January 23rd): 450€

Translations avaliable

Spanish: Nadia Soso oficina@humandesignrepublic.com
Italian: Federico Lupica federico.lupica@gmail.com
Russian: Julia Kalinina juvitka@gmail.com


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