Summer School 2022


With Alokanand Díaz

Hellos to all of you,

As I have not yet managed to timely find a place in which I can accommodate those who would like to come to my home and assist live to one of my summer schools, this year again I am offering the complete program exclusively online. I have very recently found an excellent accommodation but it was already too late for this year, at least for this summer, but I am looking forward to share this beautiful new space of mine with those interested in learning Human Design with me with the added benefit of the direct connection through the aura.

The summer school starts with one of my favorite courses and relates to the most important aspect of the mechanics after type, namely the 36 channels. Nobody has ever taught the 36 channels the way in which I am going to present them here. I am calling this course ‘The Light and Shadow of the 36 Channels’ because I am very well aware that most people experience their own definition as a distorted effect expressed by their shadow rather than as a foundation for the consistency of the life force that drives and sustains the life of their individual spirit. I will deconstruct every channel is such a way that through the interplay of polarities, angles, incarnation crosses, godheads and quarters, it will become absolutely clear to all participants that every defined channel has ‘a life of its own’. This is a course that is open to anyone that has completed the LYD. If you are interested you can check out the details in the following link:

Light and shadow of the 36 channels

Price: 450 Euro (Early Bird 400 before July 1st)
Time: FROM 15:00 pm TO 18:30 pm CET (GMT+2)

This will be followed by a very personalized synthesis of my own personal experience as an intuitive knower that finds simplicity in obsessively coming back to the same foundation, no matter what happened in between. As a synthesis of everything that Human Design has explained to me, I find not ‘Love & Peace’ but rather ‘Love & Truth’ to be the most accurate formula in moving towards self-love. As logical as this may seem, nothing compromises love in the world of the not-self as much as truth does. Lovers lying to each other is nothing new in this world, or parents and children lying to each other, or friends… the love games are wide spread all over the place on this planet, and there’s nobody to blame for it, but hey, there is the most incredible mechanical explanation for it all, both for the essence as much as for the symptoms. Like the previous one, this is also a course open to anyone that has completed the LYD. If you are interested you can check the details in the following link: 

Love and truth

Date: AUGUST 13th TO 16th 2022
Price: 400 Euro (Early Bird 350 before July 1st)
Time: FROM 15:00 pm TO 18:30 pm CET (GMT+2) 

Finally, I am also offering one of my favorite certified courses including an introductory part that is open to all public. I am referring to the Family Constellation Analyst Certification. The introductory part is one of the most important introductions into group dynamics and the way we become homogenized when we share the aura with more than just another person. If you are not really clear about what conditioning really is and where it comes from, then this is a course for you. Ra used to tell me: “You need to protect your aura.” And I never really understood what he meant until I met this most fundamental aspect of human mechanics. In the certified part of this training, which is only open to certified analysts, participants will learn to deliver an analysis of any family group and the way each of its members becomes conditioned by the group dynamics that are established the moment they come together in the aura. If this is the program that suits you best you can check for the details in the following link:

Family constelation analyst certification

Date and time:

  • Introduction course: AUGUST 19th TO 21st 2022 – FROM 15:00 am TO 18:30 pm CET (GMT+2) 
  • Professional course: AUGUST 23rd TO 26th 2022- FROM 15:00 am TO 18:30 pm CET (GMT+2) 


  • Introduction course: 400 Euro (Early Bird 350 before July 1st)
  • Professional course: 750 Euro

July/August 2022
10% discount for early payment

As it has become normal for me, in most of the courses I use the charts of the participants as an example to illustrate the human value of what I am teaching, and there will always be room for questions and answers in classroom interaction. I look forward to meet any of you who are interested in sharing with me a part of your journey towards yourself.