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The Nine Centered Solar Plexus: An Inside Transformation

February 26th 2019
Aula Virtual & Kiev

a 2-hour lecture with Alokanand Díaz
Feb 26th @4:00 pm (GMT)

Probably the majority of people interested in the Human Design System know somehow that the mutation of the Solar Plexus that was announced to Ra for 2027 is at the core of the very purpose of its revelation, but there aren’t many, as far as I can tell, that truly can grasp the way in which this mutation – that has been in the makings of the evolutionary forces since 1781 – truly impacts the way humans interact with each other, the way they live out their lives and the way their cognition works on a daily basis.

We live in very confusing times, stuck between the remains of the values that we’ve inherited from the old 7 centered world that is crumbling down before everyone’s eyes and a whole new range of social experiences that impact on our emotional lives in ways for which the old values simply fall too short, and simply cannot help us to integrate those ‘new’ experiences that openly challenge the old moral paradigms in ways that do not become psychologically destabilizing for the individual.

We can see the most obvious impact of this in the breakdown of the structure in the most traditional of all moral institutions; the family bond. The relationships between family members have always changed in our evolution, but what we are witnessing today is not just a change in the way the members of the family play out their roles, but a real mutation that is leading towards its complete and utter disintegration.

Now, considering that the family has always been recognized as the main source of conditioning in the lives of all human beings, from an individual perspective this mutation does not necessarily have to be bad news, but rather it can represent a wonderful opportunity to liberate oneself from the past expanding the horizon of one’s own spirit, and in that expansion discover nothing else than the 9 centered potential of looking at the value of personal experience from a completely different place inside of oneself.

For the first time, I will use the cognitive infrastructure that opens up our 9 centered potential to examine each of the streams and gates that are part of the Solar Plexus in a totally new light, aiming to inspire the audience in ways that will allow them to recognize when their Not-Self mind is interfering with their potential for an emotional recognition that is free from shame and blame.

This lecture is a must for anyone that is experimenting with Human Design and wants to understand the psychological challenges of embracing the uniqueness that is possible in today’s world.



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