The Program is not your Life 2021 – 4th edition

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In this year’s edition of ‘The Program is NOT Your Life’ I want to go back to an old format that I used when I did this course for the first time. Instead of meeting once a month to analyze the changes in the overall program, each new session will take place on the exact day in which the Sun enters into a Gate that is part of a new Godhead, which is really the best way to mark the 16 different homogenized life purposes that the program tries to impose on those that live in identification with their rational minds as their way to move forward in the daily life.

As I have done every one of the four years that I have been running this ongoing course, I will try to be as didactical as I can, because it is not my intent to provide participants with preconceived frozen formulas, but rather share with them my very personal way of looking at the conditioning themes. This provides everyone involved with lots of opportunities to deepen their understanding of the Rave Body Graph and learn about the different elements that are part of this process, such as polarities, quarters, crosses, planets and the 16 Godheads. As I mentioned earlier, the 16 Godheads will again be an essential part of this year’s process, as they truly are the most active agents of the program in the way in which conditioning impacts our lives on the plane of form.

Every session will be divided in three parts, one in which I will analyze the changes in the Nodal Polarity at the Gate and Line level, because the Nodes of the Moon are one of the most powerful indicators of the direction into which everything is moving in the program. This will be followed by a deconstruction of the themes activated by the ‘outer’ planets, which are the greatest actors in the program when it comes to embody the deeper changes that are occurring in the world, and the main themes that we can find on the news and media covers.

Finally, after a small break, I will introduce the general themes of the current Godhead that the Sun is entering into, in a way that those unfamiliar with the 16 Godheads will not only be able to develop a grounded understanding of them, but over the course of the 16 sessions into which the course is divided, actually also understand how they all interplay together as a sequence in the greater scheme of things. After the general introduction, in each session I will then deconstruct the current Godhead through its different themes as the Sun moves through the four Gates that are part of it, for which I will be using the charts of the participants that have the current Godhead as a theme that distorts their perception of whatever their individual life purpose happens to be.

Approximately every three weeks, 16 times a year, for about two hours each time, we will meet online and dive together into the depths of the program, not only as a way to deepen the knowledge base, but even more so as a way to nurture the mechanical perspective that Human Design provides in order to disengage from homogenized thinking and empower the determination with which we are ready to surrender to our own differentiated movie.

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Course Index and Calendar:

February 9th: KALI – The Mind of Purification and Transformation. 18:00 (GMT+1)

February 25th: MITRA – The Mind of Uncertainty

March 18th: ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – The Angelical Mind. 

April 9th: JANO – The Potential Fertility of the Rational Mind 18:00 (GMT+2)

May 3rd: MAYA – The Great Mother, Giver of Forms

May 27th: LAKSHMI – Mastering the Duality of the Form Principle

June 18th: PARVATI – ‘Us’ and ‘Them’, the Drive for Singularity and Perfection

July 13th: MA’AT – The Material Drive towards Homogenized Success

August 3th: TOTH – Formal Bonding and the Genetic Imperative to Reproduce

August 27th: HARMONIA – Living in the Shadow of Love

September 21st: CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – The Foundation of Human Standards

October 13th: MINERVA – Tribal Purpose and the Fear of Extinction

November 5th: HADES – Meeting the ‘Void’

November 26th: PROMETHEUS – Faith and the Building of a Future

December 20th: VISHNU – Monotheism and the Fear of Divine Punishment

January 10th, 2022: THE KEEPERS OF THE WHEEL – The Hidden Forces of the Human Spirit

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1 SESSION: 50 Euro

4 SESSIONS: 180 Euro

8 SESSIONS: 320 Euro

15 SESSIONS: 560 Euro

*As a bonus, everyone enrolling for a minimum of 8 sessions will be given access to acquire my most recent course on ‘The Homogenization of Purpose‘ which I have offered life in the last version of IBIZALOK during the Summer of 2020 for only 200 Euro, which is about 40% on its normal value in the shop on my website.

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