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In this section you will find a broad spectrum of IHDS Certified Programs that reflect the life long training that Alokanand Diaz has been through in his professional development.

Livingyour design

Like Ra said so many times, human beings are stuck on the very surface of their characteristics. It is almost scary to realize how much it is actually so from a mechanical point of view.
That is why the ‘Living Your Design’ program is truly not a course, but rather a very intense and personal shattering experience on the mental level. One in which the participants are simply faced with the futility of all their homogenized mental attitudes that are rooted in the openness that can be found in their designs.

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Rave ABC

The ‘Rave ABC’ course is the first of the two modules that make up the so called ‘General Training’, which is the minimum foundational knowledge needed by anyone who would like to enter into any sort of professional development in Human Design.

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Rave Cartography

As its name indicates, Rave Cartography is the very first module in the official studies of the Human Design System that provides the student with the necessary analytical tools to be able to synthesize all the significant elements in the mechanics that reveal both the potential and the limitation inherent...

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This is where your true vocation for the pure analysis of human mechanics is going to be tested. If you make it through this first year, you are likely to make it to the end and become a fine analyst ready to deliver a first hand initiation out of your...

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The beauty of mechanics is that there's nothing personal about them. The differences in the way we analyze a BodyGraph don't change much. Whether we analyze an individual design or a composite chart, there is the ‘this and that’ of the mechanical interaction between YOU and something or someone else.

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PROFESSIONAL TRAINING LEVEL III – The 4 Quarters and Incarnation Crosses

Despite the fact that most humans were never able to understand much about what their mythological component was supposed to be good for, other than for the nourishment of all kinds of superstitions and preconceived beliefs that mark all of our civilizations up to this day.

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The last level of the Professional Training is entirely focused on the practical preparation for the final examination and the potential for professional development once official certification is successfully completed.

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Living Your Design Guide Trainer

Please, send a message to the office if you feel ready to take this step and you’d like to be trained by Alokanand Diaz. This level of training is only available upon personal agreement after a personal interview online.

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Differentiation Degree Program

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. Even though this way of calling it clearly points at the differences between types and their structural strategies for decision making and aura connectivity, its deepest significance is rooted in the uniqueness of our individual perception and the potential for the holistic awareness

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BG5 is a Professional Training in the Human Design System dedicated to investigate and explain the mechanics of the material path, and to reveal the processes that occur inside the group dynamics established by the transauric field of Penta and the way it determines the interaction of the individual with...

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The Family Practice

Everything starts with the Family and ends with the individual. Family is the place where almost all of us arrive when we come into the world, and for the majority of human beings it becomes the most fundamental cornerstone of their emotional life, including all their attitudes towards money and...

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Living Your Design Guide

The LYDG plays a significant role in the lives of other people. A responsibility that should never be taken too lightly. Important is not the amount of knowledge that you have, but the authenticity with which you live your own life by the mechanical laws that you present to others.

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Rave Sociology

No other course had the power to shock me the way this one did, despite the fact that Ra himself only had the time to teach the 1st semester before he passed away in 2011.

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Selfstudy Courses


9 Centers and the 64 Gates

In this self-study course you can hear the natural brilliance of Alokanand Diaz elaborate on those primary center functions out of his own experiential personal process, and illustrate them through...

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IHDS – Channels and Purpose

Channels are the foundation of any individual’s process of differentiation. They are the foundation of Definition, and embody the only principles that anybody can trust to be absolutely consistent (for...

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Empowering the Generator

Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura...

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Impacting the Manifestor

Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura...

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