Jupiter Cycle



A lecture by Alokanand Díaz

Being someone who has a very sharp recognition of patterns, it has been a long time ago that I have noticed that there is a very dramatic pattern of radical change that takes place every 12 years, and has completely transformed the foundation of ‘Who I thought to be’ for several times by now in my own personal life. Not so much as an internal process of transformation, as is the case with the three markers (Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron Return) that are normally used for Cycle Analysis in Human Design, but rather a transformation in the way I was dealing with the strictly external reality of the material world. I am obviously talking about the Jupiter cycle, which I had never given the attention that it is obvious now to me that it deserves.

This is certainly not an attempt to compare the importance of this cycle to the three markers that we normally work with in Human Design, but barely my personal drive to share my experience in watching how my live took a radical turn every 12 years since I was born, this year being the 5th time and the one I am observing the transition closer and being more conscious of its impact on me. In trying to see what all my 5 Jupiter returns had in common in how they impacted my life experience, I have found that what was transformed each time is the way I stand in the world and the way I relate to humanity as a whole, pretty much in consonance with what is Jupiter’s theme and function within our psychology.

We say that Jupiter represents the law or the lawgiver, which only in theory can be the same. It is not for nothing that one of Jupiter’s most known attributes was his ability to take on any appearance to deceive those that could hinder the implementation of his agenda. Now, we all have Jupiter activating two positions in our design, which reveal our ability to recognize and respect our place in the world, because Jupiter represents the Logos, and the Logos is the ability to recognize what works the same for you as for everybody else. That’s why we call it the Law.

Join me for this exceptional lecture if you are interested in a deeper exploration of the Jupiter themes, which I will illustrate with the graphical examples of my own life, sharing with you the way in which each of those cycles led to an amazing process of continued transformation in my ability to think for myself and yet have the necessary awareness to know how to communicate with the average human being.