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In my own development as a ‘Living Your Design Guide’ I have always remained absolutely loyal to the way in which I have received this knowledge from the source itself, my beloved mystery man Mr. Ra Uru Hu himself, definitely evolving in my own substance and spirit but always remaining deeply aligned with the fundamental formulas that he was working with. Therefore I intend to teach those participating in this professional training to get ready to transmit it to others the same way that he used to do that, at least in spirit. For this I will share with the participants a compressed synthesis of everything I have come to know in my 28 years of dedication to this knowledge about the 4 types and the transcendence of their specific mental dilemmas, without which they can’t really be understood.

The depth with which each of the topics is covered in the top quality video materials through which most of it is presented is something unseen in the world of Human Design, and this will allow participants to easily acquire an experiential and not only theoretical understanding of the way in which this information is to be presented to newcomers.


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Free informative class, Living your Design Guide