The Program is not Your Life 2020



A fascinating journey around the Rave Mandala, following the sequence of mainly the Sun and secondarily its planetary Orchestra, guided by the experienced voice of Alokanand Diaz in an absolutely unedited seminar in the world of Human Design.

With the focus placed on the changing weather that exists in the neutrino ocean and in the impact it will have on the mind of human beings in the month that follows after the delivery of each of the marvelous 12 sessions that make up this extraordinary seminar, participants will learn how to deconstruct the planetary climate for themselves at an overview level at any given time in the yearly cycle of the Sun.

Understanding the forces behind what we call the ‘Program’ makes all the difference in recognizing and accepting the deep homogenizing power that the yearly cycle of the Sun has always imposed on us, both collectively as much as individually.


1 Session, 6 Sessions, 12 Sessions