The Program is not Your Life 2022



As I have done every one of the four years that I have been running this ongoing course, I will try to be as didactical as I can, because it is not my intent to provide participants with preconceived frozen formulas, but rather share with them my very personal way of looking at the conditioning themes. This provides everyone involved with lots of opportunities to deepen their understanding of the Rave Body Graph and learn about the different elements that are part of this process, such as polarities, quarters, crosses, planets and the 16 Godheads.

Approximately every three weeks, 16 times a year, for about two hours each time, we will meet online and dive together into the depths of the program, not only as a way to deepen the knowledge base, but even more so as a way to nurture the mechanical perspective that Human Design provides in order to disengage from homogenized thinking and empower the determination with which we are ready to surrender to our own differentiated movie.

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