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  • 9 Centers and the 64 Gates

    In this self-study course you can hear the natural brilliance of Alokanand Diaz elaborate on those primary center functions out of his own experiential personal process, and illustrate them through all the variations represented by the number of gates that operate through each center.

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  • Astrology and Human Design

    Many years ago, very much at the beginning of my career with professional Human Design, I was invited to do a little workshop where I would underline both the similarities and the differences between Astrology and the Human Design System.

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  • Empowering the Generator

    Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura is Type. Every other keynote is submitted to this first one, and becomes naturally colored by its intrinsic psychology and...

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  • Genetic Imperative and Human Con...

    ‘Knowing oneself’ is nice, but it is definitely not the end of the road. Rather, it is the beginning of an entirely new way to walk the life of geometry that we were given at birth.

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  • HD for Daily Life

    This self-study course was born out of my personal desire to approach and share the most basic mechanics of Human Design that impact directly on our daily experience from an angle that does not feed the plain accumulation of knowledge that might lead to some level or other of professional...

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  • IHDS – Ascendancy of the P...

    The focus of this self-study course is on the potential influence that each of the 22 projected channels can have as an initiator and guide when they are properly represented through the correctness of Strategy and Authority. It was originally taught in the IHDS by Alokanand Diaz in 2008.

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  • IHDS – Channels and Purpose

    Channels are the foundation of any individual’s process of differentiation. They are the foundation of Definition, and embody the only principles that anybody can trust to be absolutely consistent (for good and for bad) in their personal life experience.

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  • IHDS – Harmony and Polarit...

    In this extraordinary self-study course you can hear and feel Alokanand’s depth in his understanding of the power of gates to become deep hooks for conditioning themes to which we can be deeply attached.

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  • IHDS – Polarities

    In coming to grips with the structure of the Rave Body Graph students are taught to identify gates by the position they are located in as an aspect of a channel, a stream of awareness or simply a specific attribute of a particular circuitry. This self-study course is the first...

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  • IHDS – Single, Double, Tri...

    Definition is the core of an individual’s imprinting, and it is rarely fully understood that it is the ONLY thing that is absolutely trustworthy as a reference for correct decision making the daily life.

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  • IHDS – The Language of Cog...

    Mechanics and awareness are naturally correlated but nor exactly the same.

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  • Illusion Moves from the Base Up

    In order to become aware of the forces that make human beings remain attached and identified with what they are not, which is the main source of their suffering, one has to connect to the passenger consciousness, which is the only place where the behavior of the mind can be...

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