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  • 13 Projectors are about Awareness

    The 3 centers of awareness are to be found between the two pressure centers and the Throat Center where things can be manifested. The purpose of that mechanical layout is simple and clear. Awareness is there to process and learn to regulate the pressures of life in ways that make...

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  • 14 The Projector Type

    The greatest difference between a Projector and any of the two energy types is in the way they process the unavoidability of being conditioned by others from the moment they come out of their mother’s womb. Instead of fighting the conditioning and suffering because they cannot avoid it, they are...

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  • 15 Living the Projector’s ...

    Human Intelligence is so deeply abused by the power structures of the world that bitterness is practically unavoidable is there is any spirit left in you, and when it comes to the creative use of intelligence no other type can compare to the Projector.

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  • 16 Awareness is Receptivity in t...

    Being a Manifestor and impacting others with your actions has so much to do with challenging the fears of others, and Projectors are great in learning to manipulate those fears. That is why the Projector is best equipped to live their life pretending to be a Manifestor. However, when you...

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  • 17 The Reflector and the G Center

    “WHERE you are is WHO you are.” The same way that the 8 gates of the 2 crosses that meet in the G-Center are the integrating field for the totality, the purpose of the Reflector type is summarized and anchored in the dilemmas and potential of human identity.

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  • 18 The Reflector and the Homogen...

    The evolutionary forces certainly never meant to create a species of 7 billion awaken human beings. Instead they created the transauric forces of Penta and WA that drove the homogenization of human identity to levels that are so ridiculous that they are also scary.

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  • 19 The Reflector and the Moon

    Though we say it is instinct, the life of beasts, like any other form of life on planet Earth, is driven by the Moon and by the electromagnetic field that it creates in its cyclical orbit around us.

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  • 20 The Reflector and the Signatu...

    If it does not come out of the Unknown, how could it ever be called ‘Surprise’? But, how can ‘Surprise’ be the answer to “¿who are THEY?”? Well, if THEY are represented by a homogenizing pattern, then ‘Surprise’ can only come from meeting someone whose ‘I am’ and ‘I think’...

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  • Color Consciousness

    When the veils lift and the Not-Self mind is liberated from its torment, human beings have the ability to see and feel that nothing exists separate from the totality. Beyond the artificial and virtual separations created by the human mind, life is just an ocean of consciousness where nothing is...

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  • Love and Codependency

    I have wondered all of my life about what in hell makes such an intelligent species like ours so deeply unable to experience what we could call ‘happiness’ in the daily life, let alone to fulfill the potential of individual self-realization.

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  • Nine Centered Parenting

    In this lecture I will introduce a few keys that could make a great difference in the development of every child that is lucky enough to have parents that aware of the potential of uniqueness in themselves, because it is only then that they would not want their child to...

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  • The Human Condition Package

    If you really want to understand any of the 4 types you need to start by knowing that each of them represents a highly specialized way to meet life that is rooted in the functions represented by centers. It is based on the centers that are defined that we know...

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