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  • The Mutation of 2027 and beyond

    The Human Design System is entirely based on logic, yes, but if this fundamental and organic logic would take away the quality of Mystery from its existential manifestations, then I for one would certainly not have dedicated the last 23 years to understand the revealed mechanics of the Maia and...

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  • Type by Type – Pack

    It does not matter how much anyone has learned in Human Design. It is all doomed to fall apart into blurred concepts if they do not know how to ground the details of the mechanics within the overall thematic that dominates the chemistry that provides consistency to the human aura...

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  • Type by Type: The Generator

    Just like Manifestors are mostly unaware of the impact they have on others through their Throat Center, most Generators seem to literally be castrated away from their ability to identify with the essential source of existential power that is their own Sacral Center.

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  • Type by Type: The Manifestor

    Manifesting has nothing to do with rational thinking, because archetypically the power to initiate derives from energy centers that are designed to push human boundaries, such as the Heart and Solar Plexus Centers, and not from the rational mind that is always accommodated within its comfort zone of ‘normality’.

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  • Type by Type: The Projector

    Until 1781 there was absolutely no chance that the power structures of the world could respect the intelligence of human individuals enough for someone born with a Projector design to be capable of standing out from the crowd without hiding behind some ‘fake Manifestor’ mask.

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  • Type by Type: The Reflector

    The Reflector is the only type that is naturally designed to meet a life in which the Mystery of human identity is the rule and Mutation the only law that is a constant in the world of form, which explains why everything they learn and everyone they meet just keeps...

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