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  • IHDS – Single, Double, Tri...

    Definition is the core of an individual’s imprinting, and it is rarely fully understood that it is the ONLY thing that is absolutely trustworthy as a reference for correct decision making the daily life.

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  • IHDS – The Language of Cog...

    Mechanics and awareness are naturally correlated but nor exactly the same.

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  • Illusion Moves from the Base Up

    In order to become aware of the forces that make human beings remain attached and identified with what they are not, which is the main source of their suffering, one has to connect to the passenger consciousness, which is the only place where the behavior of the mind can be...

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  • Impacting the Manifestor

    Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura is Type. Every other keynote is submitted to this first one, and becomes naturally colored by its intrinsic psychology and...

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  • Individual Analysis

    It is impressive to the point of shock to recognize all the things that you had deeply misunderstood about yourself so clearly portrayed in a nine centered mechanical graph.

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  • Special Offer


    “The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we are caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. It doesn't matter how intelligent we are, there is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.” Ra Uru...

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  • Lines of Differentiation

    Human beings are stuck fighting with their own basic characteristics at the very surface of their design, and that’s why the distortion in which they live out their lives cannot be easily fixed. Many think naively that after completion of the first seven year cycle those layers of conditioning will...

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    For the first time I will deconstruct ALL of the channels that can act as a source for inner authority in order to highlight the general thematic that one always needs to be attentive to, if one is the carrier of such form of inner authority and wants to ‘reach’...

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  • Living Your Design

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  • Living Your Design Guide

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  • Living Your Design Guide Trainer

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  • Living Your Design XXL

    LIVING YOUR DESIGN, HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS & SEXUALITY 4-day training with Alokanand Díaz (4 90-min session per day) Ibiza & Online

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