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  • IHDS – The Language of Cog...

    Mechanics and awareness are naturally correlated but nor exactly the same.

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  • Illusion Moves from the Base Up

    In order to become aware of the forces that make human beings remain attached and identified with what they are not, which is the main source of their suffering, one has to connect to the passenger consciousness, which is the only place where the behavior of the mind can be...

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  • Impacting the Manifestor

    Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura is Type. Every other keynote is submitted to this first one, and becomes naturally colored by its intrinsic psychology and...

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  • Individual Analysis

    It is impressive to the point of shock to recognize all the things that you had deeply misunderstood about yourself so clearly portrayed in a nine centered mechanical graph.

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  • Special Offer


    “The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we are caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. It doesn't matter how intelligent we are, there is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.” Ra Uru...

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  • Lines of Differentiation

    Human beings are stuck fighting with their own basic characteristics at the very surface of their design, and that’s why the distortion in which they live out their lives cannot be easily fixed. Many think naively that after completion of the first seven year cycle those layers of conditioning will...

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  • Love and Codependency

    I have wondered all of my life about what in hell makes such an intelligent species like ours so deeply unable to experience what we could call ‘happiness’ in the daily life, let alone to fulfill the potential of individual self-realization.

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  • Mental Dilemma and Differentiate...

    At a mechanical level, living your design correctly seems to be all about correct decision making, in accordance with your Strategy and Authority, but what do you do when there is no decision to be made? Do you simply allow your consciousness to slide back into automatic pilot?

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  • Nine Centered Parenting

    In this lecture I will introduce a few keys that could make a great difference in the development of every child that is lucky enough to have parents that aware of the potential of uniqueness in themselves, because it is only then that they would not want their child to...

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    Nodal Polarities

    The positions of the Nodes of the Moon have an extraordinarily important function in the establishment of the cognitive orientation of our individual potential for differentiated awareness, which is rooted in the way we store the perception of experiential phenomena that allows us to define the autobiographical memory of our...

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  • One on one

    The most difficult battle a human being has to fight is with his or her own mind. This is why the greatest difficulty in ‘Living Your Design’ and benefitting from the simplicity of the mechanical formulas that one has been offered lays in being left alone with one’s own mind.

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  • Partnership Analysis

    If seeing oneself through the mechanics offers a simultaneously shocking and freeing picture, to see one’s relationships through the mechanics is both rather hilarious and disconcerting.

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