The Quarter of Duality

In the movement around the wheel of the Rave Mandala we find the quarters of Initiation and Civilization before Duality. The Quarter of Initiation is about the potential empowerment of individual awareness realizing its inherent purpose through the rational mind, and the Quarter of Civilization is about the empowerment of individual awareness realizing its inherent purpose through the potential of its alignment to the world of form.

In the movement around the wheel of the Rave Mandala we find the quarters of Initiation and Civilization before Duality. The Quarter of Initiation is about the potential empowerment of individual awareness; realizing its inherent purpose through the rational mind. On the other hand, the Quarter of Civilization is about the empowerment of individual awareness; realizing its inherent purpose through the potential of its alignment to the world of form.

Duality - Human DesignThis means that whatever is not properly integrated in the individual mind and the awareness about the alignment to its unique form; represents a human conflict that is ‘hidden’ in the shadow of its conditioned mental fears. However hidden it is, it will invariably be recognized and mirrored back by those human beings that you directly interact with in the establishment of personal relationships. This is how the flow of consciousness operates the moment we meet in the same aura. And this is also how we can use any interaction that we have with another human being as an opportunity. An oportunity to develop the necessary self-awareness to be able to recognize ourselves in that mirror.

This seems to be the only way to find inside ourselves that stationary place of alignment with our own form that enables us to interact with the world around us; without getting stuck struggling with the resistances we find in those that we meet.

Why duality is so difficult to comprehend?

Duality is without any doubt the most difficult to comprehend of all four quarters of the Rave Mandala. And this is not for a single reason. Considering the way in which the Not-Self mind is programmed to make choices that will bring it forward in its endless search for singularity – call in ‘God’, call it ‘Good’, call it whatever kind of ‘absolute’ you want -; Duality holds within its inherent potential everything that is frustrating and confusing for the human mind. This, because it will not allow anyone to jump onto any mental conclusion that does not feed further states of anxiety over time.

Ah, Duality, it seems to be the source of all evil as Jean Paul Sartre stated. He said: “The other is Hell”. But what he really meant, if he was truly as intelligent as his reputation suggests; is that the other is the mirror in which we all see, without necessarily recognizing it objectively, the distorted image of both our own ‘Heaven’ and our own ‘Hell’.

When we bond with another human being, we establish an emotional connection that makes us remain connected with the process of the other throughout the ups and downs of the emotional wave that empowers the spirit of union or separation; as it moodily fluctuates beyond our capacity to control it.

In our common search for union as the absolute, separation does not seem to be the perfect counterpart; but more the denial of the union with the other that we were searching for. In a similar way, if your mind chooses to remain separate; then the possibility of union is perceived as a potential dependency that can become a threat to your freedom.

A perpetual source of contradiction

All you need to do is take a look at the configuration of the three channels that become defined when you transfer the 16 gates of Duality into the Rave Body Graph. The vast split between the abstract mind, and the powerful sacral definition (combining the determination to love the body with the sexual drive for reproduction that needs to regulate its availability to others); is a perpetual source of contradiction that so deeply speaks for itself.

You see, for all the luminous promises about life that we find in Initiation and Civilization; life behaves like a twisted bitch when it reveals itself to us in the Quarter of Duality. No matter how much affinity there is between you and another human being; you will always discover that they have a mind of their own. This means that their way of experiencing love and expressing truth can never be the same as yours. Aand this is the basic key to be able to find balance in Duality and all of its inherent processes as they manifest through the 16 gates of the quarter.

DualityDuality and Gate 7 – The army

Let’s start with gate 7 – the Army –. The leading gate that provides its basic direction to this whole quarter.

This is an aspect of our human identity through which the Self projects its role in interaction with others; because this is the role gate of the Understanding circuit. This is an identity that is considered to be progressive as it is oriented towards the future; and also tends to be seen as sophisticated and detached from the moralities of the past.

But the truth is that we can root all of its understanding in something as highly primitive as the division of humankind in the two halves represented by gender differences. That is why what is seen as ‘good’ behavior in a man can be seen as ‘bad’ for women. And this is certainly the cause of so much of the resentment that is at the root of the inability of men and women to communicate with each other as ‘equals’.

Duality, what a seductive trap that our genes have created for our human vanity. That is why no human can ever escape the impact of the evolutionary program and the way it conditions; and even determines our personal and subjective experience of the world. You see, relationships are simultaneously objective and subjective. We can never see what is passing through the mental screen of other humans. Their form is the only thing we can see objectively. And it is the same for the other in relationship to us. This cognitive limitation that the evolutionary program has imposed on all members of our species makes it very difficult for any of us to have the perception of being ‘right’ without concluding that the other must necessarily be wrong. Balance is a rather unusual thing when it comes to unique awareness.

The key to happiness

Now, the trick is cognitively simple; and many human beings have already recognized this trap to be the greatest handicap for human happiness.

So, what is it that makes it so difficult to not fall into it again and again, and yet once more? If you look from the surface, it seems clear that the answer to this question is sex; and that Duality is the natural domain where the genetic imperative to reproduce imposes its homogenizing power on us as members of the same species.

As individuals who are imbued with individual intelligence and given an individual form; we are all designed to resist the homogenization process. However, there is obviously a force that is not only stronger than the individual intelligence of our own form; but it is a force that sets our individual mind and form in conflict with itself. This force is the power of our emotional system as it is interpreted through the absolutely exclusive potential of Gate 6 – Conflict which is keynoted as the gate of friction.

duality - x of edenGate 6 – A social regulator

This is one of the four gates of the Cross of Eden and it operates as a social regulator; through a channel that has the natural power to generate so much emotional ‘heat’ that it literally merges two bodies and souls into one single emotional flow creating the emotional union of what we call a ‘couple’. No other channel has the power to do that. Of all 7 emotional gates, the gate of Conflict is the only one that is not part of the Quarter of Initiation; where purpose is fulfilled through the expansion of one’s own individual mental horizon of awareness. This naturally implies separation from the individual awareness of others as a fundamental premise.

From the perspective of our mental potential; separation from others is a must if we ever are to integrate our individual emotions correctly. But from the perspective of the way in which gate 6 experiences its social emotions; separation simply never seems to make any sense; no matter how deeply the union might be loaded with personal frustration. The funniest thing of all is that this is the ‘normal’ way of being in a bond for the large majority of human beings; because this is the way 7 centered human beings have always dealt with their emotionality as a pure engine that reproduces a blinding wave of homogenized hopes and immature and hysterically distorted reactions in the management of personal pain.

duality - conflictThe paradoxical nature of emotional intelligence

Though not unknown as it was until 1781, the paradoxical nature of emotional intelligence is still a rather revolutionary concept in the world of today; where integrating two opposite poles into harmony is still a major challenge for most human minds. Because gate 6 is responsible to regulate the nature of the wave in the Solar Plexus; for this gate separation is like an abortion of something that was only meant to grow after it has started. Grasping how irresolvable this conflict is from an analytical and mental perspective; is truly the beginning of slowly but surely be able to heal the spirit of the way if which we are driven to bond with those who we meet, and in whom we recognize the potential to fertilize our life.

Bonding with others out of correctness has nothing to do with establishing an emotional symbiosis with anyone that is supposed to last forever. It is a strict matter of Synchronicity; another one of the major themes inherent in the dynamics of this profoundly energized quarter. When we meet in Synchronicity with others; we are free of the blind expectations and immature dreams that normally feed our mental agenda. This not only eliminates the resistances in those that we interact with; but it also allows for the discovery of what is possible for us when we are not mentally driven.

Duality and fear

Eliminating your own expectations you also eliminate all the fears that go along with them as a (mostly denied) shadow. You see, fear is at the very root of the process of Duality. This, because fear is something that we all get to meet as a consequence of interacting with other human beings. It is not abnormal to be afraid of those that you love most and that you so deeply depend on. This helpless vulnerability that we are all born with is not something that we have ever known how to manage creatively as members of the human species. And this is why fear is still considered to be something negative that becomes unhealthy. Nobody knows how to manage it creatively. Nobody knows how to turn it into the fuel for individual awareness that it really is meant to be.

Gate 46 – Pushing Upward

Gate 46 – Pushing Upward – is the gate of the love of the body as a temple for life, and it divides the Quarter of Duality into two halves. Every single one of the remaining gates until the end of this quarter are gates of the Spleen Center; which makes it clear to which extent the best of this quarter can only emerge when fear is properly integrated in our potential for individual awareness. You see, fear is a tension in the body in reaction to some external stimulus that is perceived as dangerous or threatening to some aspect of us. And it is the love of the body that pulls us all into a direction of life empowerment through self-preservation.

Duality - Fear and respectWhen fear is properly integrated within our form it no longer becomes the fuel for our emotional and mental distortion – where we trust other people and see them as if they were angels or we distrust them and see them as a daemons -; but it becomes the fuel for attention that allows us to maintain the balance within every circumstance while we always stand on our own two feet.

The difference between fear and respect

Fear is not the same thing as respect. When fear is blind it naturally reacts with some level of internal or external aggression or even violence. But respect can never be blind in its reactions; because respect is something that we have for ourselves or for none. It is out of respect for ourselves that we stay away from aggression; though we cannot necessarily prevent others from showing their aggressiveness towards us.

If you look carefully you’ll see that the Quarter of Duality only holds two gates. This gates are part of the individual circuit group; which is the circuit group with the largest number of gates. Obviously, in a quarter that is designed for the fertile bonding of the form; Individuality was never meant to be a huge part of its programmed nature. But it is exceedingly revealing to recognize the transcendent values that are brought into the spirit of bonding through the two individual gates that do belong to this quarter. They are both the potential and possibility of individual intuition (gates 28 & 57); which is a timeless theme that existentially connects the individual to the themes of integrating truthful purpose and survival IN THE NOW.

People who are carriers of any of these two gates in their individual imprinting are responsible to maintain the individual spirit empowered within the bond. This consists as something as simple as never allowing the other to be anything else than a mirror of the self-empowering or self-disempowering quality of integration that you have with yourself and with life as a whole.

Gate 44 – Coming to Meet

The Quarter of Duality ends in gate 44 – Coming to Meet -; the possibility of instinctive alertness that recognizes the potential for material success in those that it meets. As a gate that is part of the design of fish, birds and reptiles; this is a gate of cold blood that is pointed at the possibility of surrender through what comes the other way from gate 26 in the Heart Center. Gate 26 – the Taming Power of the Great – is the gate of egoism. We all know way too many horrible things that a human being can do to another when egoism meets with cold blood.

Duality - Individual awakeningNow, egoism is determined by the fact that humans are warm blooded creatures that do not even know how to hide their egoism from others until they are seven years of age. That is why we all have more acceptance for egoism in children than we have for grownup people. After seven years, we are all expected to have learned what the tribal rules of the social game are in our society. So, everybody knows that everybody is hiding. The remaining question seems to be only to which extend; and this denial of human egoism erupts in all societies as ‘crime’.

The importance of individual awakening

We are all afraid of being looked upon in cold blood by anyone; but we all know what it is to have cold blooded thoughts pop up in our minds when we interact with others in our daily life. It isn’t until you can look at yourself with the cold-bloodedness that emerges out of surrendering to your own form; that you can realize that relationships can give you a lot. But there is one thing they can never give you: yourself.

The individual awareness that is possible in awakening; needs to be rooted in the continuity of the relationship that you can have to yourself through your own personality. This is the construct that binds you to your own form beyond circumstances. In establishing a conscious relationship with yourself, you stop looking for ways to fit into homogenized bonds with others. Instead of suffering for being a misfit when you try to be the half of anything with someone else; you give yourself a chance to embrace the full spectrum of the way the fundamental dualism of life operates through you.

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