BG5 is a Professional Training in the Human Design System dedicated to investigate and explain the mechanics of the material path, and to reveal the processes that occur inside the group dynamics established by the transauric field of Penta and the way it determines the interaction of the individual with the small group (not larger than six individuals).
When Penta was first introduced by Ra Uru Hu it was kept almost secret and separate from the rest of the body of knowledge that is synthesized in the Human Design System, because its foundation and primary purpose were diametrically opposite. When we live our design out correctly there is an alignment that takes place at every possible level of our being that enhances the potential for awareness with which we were born, but in the case of BG5 individual awareness is simply not the point. Nowhere else in this body of knowledge do we find mechanical formulas that represent such a dark and unshakeable absolute as the one we can find within the mechanical structure of Penta as is applied to BG5.
We will deconstruct the Pentagraph in all its parts and study them from every possible angle in order to have a clear sense of each of its different components. The understanding of the impact that Penta has over our lives can be a shocking experience for those who are not yet familiar with the hidden powers with which it drives the homogenization of the human species.

Once you have a grip on the overall mechanics of Penta, the Analysis of the Rave Chart of a particular person from the BG5 perspective allows one to read his or her career profile: to identify the natural gifts and talents of the individual in the way he moves as part of the material plan, as well as recognizing the potential shadow in the psyche and how it can prevent the individual to have access to healthy earnings and empowering interaction with other people in the world of business. Similarly, the analysis of any partnership from the perspective of BG5 allows one to see the mechanics of interaction that are consistent between any two business partners, and to help them to define the roles and levels of responsibility of each in their common business.
The Penta Analysis of a small team that shares a working space allows one to see what is truly happening at the core level inside the group. In recognizing the mechanical structure that is available in the common aura, the Analyst can identify the problems that will constantly arise because of the potential dysfunction and how to best deal with them. Once those problems are clearly identified we can see what changes need to be implemented within the group aura, and which changes would simply represent a waste of time and resources because they would not affect the core. Altogether, we can say that BG5 is about how to make any working small group successful in all aspects of doing business: moral and material.
In the course of the year long that the training will last, we will work in a deep and consistent manner through each of these aspects, which will also involve a lot of practical work and exercises in order to quickly become familiar with the structure, including work with the maps of participants and those groups with which they have or had a consistent business interaction.

The course is conducted by Alokanand Diaz del Rio, who took part in all three editions of this course when it was originally taught by Ra Uru Hu himself. Given that Alok is a 1/3 of consciousness, you can be certain that we will investigate it most thoroughly.

The structure of the course is divided into 3 semesters that will be completed over a period of a year’s time. It will be held live in Kiev and simultaneously translated into Russian, Spanish and Italian. We also offer online participation if someone wants to register but cannot make it to come to Kiev and participate live in the classes. At the end of each day, the recorded files will be made available to subscribers.

All students of the Human Design System that have completed the level of Rave Cartography are eligible candidates that can participate in this course. This course is especially recommended for business owners, team leaders and all of those who would like to specialize on coaching others in the field of business.

Duration: 1 Year – 3 Semesters – 16 sessions of 90 minutes each per semester
Prerequisites: Certified Analyst or PTL1 registered student
Location: Live or Online
Level: Advanced Studies
Introduction to Penta and the Material Direction of the World
Penta and Auras
Deconstructing the Penta and its graphical representation
The Six Pillars of Material Success in Business
Pillars, Lines and Line Gap Keynotes
Individual Penta Affinities


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