Living Your Design Guide

Living in the embrace of your individual and differentiated truth is something that can only be taught by example, and at this initiation level, Human Design is only about the wonder and miracle of the simple. In other words, this is not a course in which the teacher feeds the mind of their students with information, but this is a course where the mind of the students is shattered with the shock of recognizing the chances that the life they have lived until that moment may not be the real lives they were meant to live.

Obviously, something in the LYDG needs to have the presence and human substance to pierce beyond the rationality of the student’s mind that is bunkered behind its ‘comfort zone’ of normality, and this something can only come from the LYDG’s personal experimentation with Strategy and Authority, and from their personal observation of the way in which those simple formulas could transform the way other human beings live out their lives caught up in perpetuous distortion. Without the previous accumulation of this personal substance, there is not much anyone can do to help other people recognized and transform the way they deal with the forces of conditioning in their life.

If this condition is present, then there is much I can share about the 9 centers and the 4 types that will make your delights. I have been investigating the consistency in the logical structure of type since their very emergence around 1996/7, and I have looked into their construct from every possible angle one can imagine. What I have found is that the formulas that describe the mechanics of each of the 4 types are like ‘shamanic pills’ for those who take the challenge to experiment with their potential for transformation in their own personal life and consciousness.

However, I do like to have a personal connection to anybody who would like to be trained by me. So, if you are interested in expanding the scope of your professional services by adding this to your curriculum and you would like to be trained by me, please, send an email to my office and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Duration: 24 sessions of 90 minutes each
Prerequisites: General Training
Location: Live or Online
Level: Beginners Guide
Presenting the mechanical absolutes of the 9 Centers and the 4 Types

Helplessness is the condition of the human passenger of the form
Type and Center Relationships
The Pressure Centers and General Conditioning
The Heart Center and the false myth of Free Will
The 4 Types and the 4 Quarters
The importance of Mental Dilemma
The Manifestor and the Throat Center
The Manifestor in the Rave Mandala
The Generator and the Sacral Center
The Generator in the Rave Mandala
The Projector and the 3 Centers of Awareness
The Projector and the Mastery of Mind
The Reflector and the G-Center
The Praxis of the LYDG


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