The last level of the Professional Training is entirely focused on the practical preparation for the final examination and the potential for professional development once official certification is successfully completed.

For this purpose, I will share with the participants a structured sequence of delivery for professional analysis that will set a foundation in their understanding, both to prepare the mandatory recording in preparation for their certification exam as much as to always have a clear point of departure and a logical structure that works efficiently in the delivery of the information when they approach the individual analysis of the Rave Body Graph in any professional consultation.

As a teacher, I will provide a set of different examples that contain clear instructions about how to successfully synthesize all the basic information in different kinds of individual designs in a simple and structured way, and how to communicate that structure with a flow that is rooted in the accuracy in the use of the language and in a clear understanding of what needs to be transmitted when reading someone’s design for the first time.

In conformity with the most recent guidelines of the IHDS for official certification as a professional Analyst, students will have to deliver a recorded reading of about 45 minutes of length that Alokanand will evaluate and provide individual feedback to each student.
Towards the end of the semester, Alok will share his personal experience as an Analyst that has been successful in his practice uninterruptedly since 1993 by synthesizing the key factors that contributed to optimize the impact of his outer authority and to give continuity to his success as a HD professional, besides the fact of having had the good fortune to collaborate personally live with Ra Uru Hu and have him as his only teacher for more than 17 years.

Surely the most fundamental of those keys is to allow the Human Design System to speak for itself, and to keep its transmission clean from any previous dogmas that the student may still carry and identify with in ways that are not necessarily always noticed. This semester prepares the student to recognize those slants of potential distortion, and it is a mandatory filter that needs the approval of the teacher before final examination and official certification by the IHDS and the corresponding national organization can take place.

Duration: 16 sessions of 90 minutes each
Prerequisites: Professional Training Levels 1, 2 & 3
Location: Live or Online
Level: Analyst Training
Contents: The Sequence of Rave Analysis & Professional Development

A logical sequence in delivery
Working with Manifestors
Working with Generators
Working with Projectors
Working with Reflectors
Preparing for Examination
Classroom Examination and Individual Feedback
Establishing a Professional Consultancy


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