The beauty of mechanics is that there's nothing personal about them. The differences in the way we analyze a BodyGraph don't change much. Whether we analyze an individual design or a composite chart, there is the ‘this and that’ of the mechanical interaction between YOU and something or someone else.

The beauty of mechanics is that there is absolutely nothing in them that is truly personal. In this sense, the differences in the way we analyze the surface of the Rave Body Graph are not very significant. Whether we analyze the design of a single individual, or the relationship mechanics of a composite chart between two individuals, or even the composite chart created between any individual design and the imprinting of any planetary transit field, there is always going to be the ‘this and that’ of the mechanical interaction between YOU, the individual, and something or someone else that is NOT YOU (Conditioning).

It is the psychological context that changes depending on each different type of analysis, but not the general mechanics revealed in the Rave Body Graph, where all components are always in the same place and execute exactly the same functions.

When we try to analyze what happens between any of us and the perpetual conditioning field that is all around us at any given time, there are two primary sources of conditioning that have a continuous but different impact on each and all of us. One is the physical presence of other people in our individual aura, which is almost a constant in the life of modern humans, and the other is the impact of the imprinting planetary field of which we are always an inseparable part. We can never escape either of the two, despite the fact that both can appear to be rather invisible to the eyes.

Learning to understand the all pervasive nature of conditioning and how to cope with it effectively opens up the door to the emergence of unique potential wisdom in the individual. It is during this part of the training that we learn to see how the vulnerability of the openness in our design can be turned into a jewel for the transformation of our differentiated awareness, both in our personal relationships as much as in our connection to the forces that drive the cycles of maturation in the evolutionary program of humans in our times.

This level of the Professional Analyst Training is divided in two parts, one per semester. The first semester focuses on conditioning as we experience it in our personal relationships with other human beings when we meet together in the aura. In class we will learn about the basic laws of connectivity between any two human beings, independently from the nature of their relationship, and we will work with many practical examples that illustrate the way those formulas of connectivity operate in real time.

The second semester is focused on the conditioning we all receive from the planetary transit field on an cyclical basis. After an extensive introduction to the singular characteristics of each of the imprinting planetary forces, we will work with examples that illustrate how the daily program impacts the individual mind, feeding it with potential distortion. Later on in the semester we will learn about the potential inherent in the cyclical maturation of a nine centered being, and we will see how each of the main cycles that are part of the individual process becomes a marker that either drives the consciousness of the being further and further from their own center in the distortion of the homogenized world, or how the correctness of the form in alignment with the flow of life can bring the consciousness of every individual to a point in which the flowering of the human personality is simply natural.

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