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PROFESSIONAL TRAINING LEVEL III – The 4 Quarters and Incarnation Crosses

That human beings are born with a mythological component in their cognitive architecture is something that has been known to us in many ways since long before C. Gustav Jung discovered that there is something archetypal that reproduces in the nature and psychology of every new generation of human beings that comes into the world. This is despite the fact that most humans are unaware of this archetypal potential, and were never truly capable of understanding much about what this mythological component was supposed to be good for, other than for the nourishment of all kinds of homogenized superstitions and preconceived beliefs about the purpose of life that mark all of our civilizations up to this day.

The fact that this mythological component can be measured and deconstructed according to the uniqueness of each being is something that is only to be found in the amazing revelation of the Global Orchestration Directories (GOD) that is part of the Human Design System. In this extraordinary structure of the human myths that is contained within the sequence of the Incarnation Cross Index around the Rave Mandala we find a logical explanation to this archetypal nature that we all embody. This explanation is not based on superstition or moral belief, but in a mechanical framework that operates through our individual biochemistry and shapes the way the individual consciousness is helplessly focused on a perception of the world that is beyond the realm of choices.

This is the level of professional training in which the foundation is laid for Human Design to be the true ‘Science of Differentiation’. It divides the Rave Mandala in four quarters and provides a mechanical description of the evolutionary purpose of human consciousness in each and every incarnation that ever took place on this plane.

During the first semester there will be an extensive introduction to the Rave Mandala and to the way in which the wheel is divided into four different quarters of incarnation. After that, Alokanand will present the Incarnation Cross Index, elaborating on the themes of each singular right angle cross and the way it generally manifests its inherent purpose through each of the four quarters. Each right angle cross will be presented in its four variations, followed by a description of their corresponding juxtaposition and left left angle crosses.

The second semester is of a shorter duration and entirely focused on how to integrate the information of the Incarnation Cross with the mechanical structure of any individual design. In this process the students will learn how to approach a successful delivery of an Incarnation Cross Analysis.

Duration: 2 Semesters – One of 20 and one of 12 sessions (90 minutes per session)
Prerequisites: Professional Training Level 1
Location: Live or Online
Level: Analyst Training
Contents: The 4 Quarters, the Incarnation Cross Index & the Incarnation Cross Analysis

Index Semester 1 (Five Days):
Introduction to the 4 Quarters
Initiation and Duality
Civilization and Mutation
The Complete Incarnation Cross Index
The 16 Right Angle Crosses
The 64 Juxtaposition Crosses
The 32 Left Angle Crosses

Index Semester 2 (Three Days):
Practical Exercises with Examples of Right Angle Crosses
Practical Exercises with Examples of Left Angle Crosses
Practical Exercises with Examples of Juxtaposition Crosses


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