Rave ABC

The ‘Rave ABC’ course is the first of the two modules that make up the so called ‘General Training’, which is the minimum foundational knowledge needed by anyone who would like to enter into any sort of professional development in Human Design.

The ‘Rave ABC’ course is the first of the two modules that make up the so called ‘General Training’, which is the minimum foundational knowledge needed by anyone who would like to enter into any sort of professional development in Human Design.

In my personal understanding, this is information that should be taught to children in schools not later than at age 14, because it provides a demystified and mechanical perspective of human nature that prepares the individual mind to deal with the world of diversity without being restrained by any kind of religious or moral dogma. Something deeply needed in these times where human thinking has become homogenized through the mass media.

In the Rave ABC program the participant learns to decode the individual imprinting of any Rave Chart based of the acquired mastery in analyzing the three most fundamental keys in the mechanics of the Maya; the A, the B and the C.

The ‘A’ stands for the ‘Red & Black’, which is the color coding of the foundational binary in the Human Design System, namely the two calculations upon which the calculation of any individual design rests. The ‘Red’ stands for the Design Crystal and its prenatal calculation, made approximately three months before birth that reveals the individual genetic inheritance and the cognitive orientation of the brain, sustaining our physiological uniqueness with its biochemical determination. Because the Design Crystal operates at a fully unconscious level, our personality does not have conscious access to any of its transcendently important characteristics. It is the ‘Black’ that stands for the Personality Crystal and its calculation is made for the exact moment of birth. Every activation in our individual design that is coded in black color is a consistent aspect of ‘who we think we are’ at any given moment. It is the juxtaposition of both the red and the black activations, integrated through the function of the Magnetic Monopole in the G-Center, that bring the individual design alive every morning when we wake up and until the moment we go back to sleep at night. Everything else is dreamland.

The ‘B’ stands for ‘Circuitry’, and it is surely the most fascinating map of the world that a human being has ever seen, for it reveals the perfection of the way in which all things are organized as an expression of the form principle. Too bad that collective human vanity (dogmas and believes) has blinded us to the point of making us loose our connection to the natural order, but it is here in the very structure of the 6 basic circuits that we can recognize the way the natural order is still accessible to us at an individual level. One simply needs to understand the way one’s definition fits in with the natural order, and then simply learn to differentiate by staying surrendered to the mechanical laws of one’s dominating circuitry. During the course we will deconstruct each circuit and examine each of its main components (channels and gates).

The ‘C’ stands for ‘Hexagram Structure’, and it enables the participant to identify the most profound nuances in anybody else’s differentiation potential, because it refers to the mechanics that determine the potential of the 384 lines of the Rave I-Ching, so subtle an element of the imprinted Body Graph that one cannot identify it without examining the data base in the two original calculations. The plain understanding of the six line functions that repeat in all 64 hexagrams becomes a very effective tool to identify the potential for uniqueness and differentiation that can be found in any human being.

The Rave ABC is surely the most technical of all courses in Human Design, because it comprehends all the names and keynotes for the different elements that compose the Rave Body Graph, and for just about everything that makes a difference in a human life. Participation in this course guarantees a totally new way of looking at the world, and very especially when seen through the lens of the personal relationships that we establish with others. Understanding the design of those that make a difference for you at this level will enable every participant to look at their relationships without the distorting lens of guilt and accusation, and out of this surrendered acceptance lead them to discover the true potential of who they are, when not restrained by the homogenized forces of conditioning that they grew up under.

Join Alokanand Diaz on this magical journey If you feel ready to take a demystified look at the human condition through the living examples that you can find in yourself and in your own life, and discover the inherent beauty of the natural order once you can look at it without the distorting lens of the forces that conditioned you during your whole life.

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