Rave Sociology

No other course had the power to shock me the way this one did, despite the fact that Ra himself only had the time to teach the 1st semester before he passed away in 2011. When I already considered myself a master of the knowledge in Human Design, the revelations of this incredibly fascinating body of knowledge shook the roots of my consciousness, and brought my understanding about the dilemmas of the Not-Self and the nature of being human onto another level.

Being someone deeply collective in the configuration of both my individual design and my incarnation cross, I have always suffered from idealized conceptions about humanity’s potential, and it is only when I got to this point in my studies that I fully realized that being conditioned and homogenized after birth was simply something no one could ever escape. From this moment onwards I started including introductory level lectures about the transauric entities to all students of Human Design that were training with me beyond the General Training level.

Like the differences between types are based on a structure that manifests in the form, Penta and WA are not subjective or conceptual constructs. They unavoidably impact each and every breath we take, because it is these two forces that shape the material world that we call civilization. Through the group dynamics that they establish in order to control the evolution of the human species, the meaning of being ‘Human’ becomes homogenized around conventional legal structures and moral dogmas that keeps everyone’s shoulder to the wheel of materialism.

In this sense, the program that drives the evolution forward is a real masterpiece of engineering. It is not you, or me, that created ‘we’ (WA/ME=WE), but it is always created by some potential third party that is not ruled nor determined by love and truth, but by the material demands of the world, as group dynamics are always materially oriented and conditioned in their potential movement towards manifestation by the lack of material resources. The dreams of human beings have always been ‘greater’ than the material resources available to make them come true. And so, the wheel of suffering keeps turning since the beginning of time, and while the human species as a whole uninterruptedly progresses towards a more and more sophisticated civilization, the spiritual life of human individuals becomes less and less transcendent and devoid of a clear sense of purpose.

Like so many other things revealed through Human Design, the understanding about ‘group dynamics’ that this professional training provides does not necessarily allow anyone to change anything in the way the evolutionary program organizes our species, but the simple understanding of its mechanics allows each of us to enjoy, all by ourselves, the magnificent beauty of seeing the value of any human life for what it really is. The Human Design System did not come into the world to support collective human rights, but to establish the rights of the individual, and to empower the individual awareness to flower beyond the limitation of any sort of dogmas.

Duration: 4 semesters – 16 sessions per semester of 90 minutes each
Prerequisites: Certified Analyst or registered PTL1 student
Location: Live or Online
Level: Advanced Studies
Introduction and Foundation of Rave Sociology
Penta – A transauric Entity for personal bonding in small Groups
WA – A transauric Entity for transpersonal bonding in large Groups
The Mutation of the Solar Plexus and the Evolution of Consciousness
Lines of Communication in Penta and WA
Examination and Certification

Index Semester 1:
Origins of Rave Sociology
Dream Rave and Persona – The Mammalian Matrix
Sex and Evolution
Politics – Marriage of Penta and WA in 7 centered beings
Spirituality – The Godhead and the Mystical Way
The 16 Faces of the Godhead and the Reincarnation of Myths
God and the Penta
God and the WA
The Psychology of Fear – The Not-Self Sociology
From 7 to 9 Centers – Penta and the 4 Types

Index Semester 2:
Penta Dynamics – Numbers, Geometry and Uniqueness
The Family Penta – Minimum Social Cell
The Working Penta – Minimum Social Cell
The Social Penta – Social Reproduction
The Demonstration Zone
The Vortex and the Roles
The Vortex and the Rules
The Generative Zone
Individual Examples

Index Semester 3:
WA Dynamics – Names, Language and the Development of Mind
WA and Family – The Clan
WA and the Herd– The Business
WA and Society – The Civilization
The Management WA
The Competitive WA
The Directional WA
The Logical WA
The Interaction WA
The Innovation WA
Individual Examples

Index Semester 4:
Evolution and the Genetic Pool
Solar Plexus Mutation and 1781
Strategic and Receptive – The Return to Balance
Rave History and the Human Way
Solar Plexus Mutation and 2027
The Rave Circuitry
The Rave and the Conscious Penta
Angle and the Trans-auric Forms
Individual Profile Analysis Penta
Individual Profile Analysis WA
Participants Examples
Exam Presentation
Thesis and Certification


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