The Family Practice

Everything starts with the Family and ends with the individual. Family is the place where almost all of us arrive when we come into the world, and for the majority of human beings it becomes the most fundamental cornerstone of their emotional life, including all their attitudes towards money and sex.

It is through our connection to the Family that we learn to deny ourselves, recognizing which emotions are going to be accepted and honored by everyone, and which ones are to be removed or repressed under the personality’s mask in order to avoid exclusion or even punishment. This is how we all learned to be always ready to meet and adapt to the moral standards and legal requirements of any human group that we want to be a part of.

The only other option is to rebel against such conventional structures, which is something many human beings do while they are still very young and did not yet have any children of their own, but once they themselves fall into the unavoidable traps of the genetic imperative to reproduce, they start doing everything that they can in order to fit in with the hierarchical structures of the material world, of which the Family is an inseparable part. And this is how the material plane has been rolling forward in evolution since the beginning of time.

The personal relationship to the group is the source of all psychological conflicts in every human individual, and the ignorance of this fact has allowed blame and shame to take the seat of reasonableness every time there is any sort of ‘problems’ in the Family. The Family is where we start ‘giving up’ our uniqueness in order to not feel inadequate for those we so dearly need and love, and it is the place where we learn to think as a consequence of learning the language provided by our culture. In other words, the roots of our conditioning are all coming from this human group where our life originated.

When one understands the structure of the Penta and the way it controls all of us through the invisible power of ‘group dynamics’, the distortion of personal blame and shame has no real ground to stand on anymore, and personal liberation becomes simply possible. This is the main goal of this course that is divided in two parts.

The first part is an introductory level that is open to the general public and covers the general mechanics of the way in which the transauric entity called Penta impacts the individual life of every family member with its inherently distortive ‘unidirectionality’. During this time we shall learn about the mutative psychology of group dynamics as the number of family members increases, which is one of the more practical aspects of this knowledge since it is something that can be objectively observed and measured wherever human beings gather in small groups.

We will also deconstruct the mechanical structure of the Penta from all possible angles that can contribute to understand the dilemmas that are intrinsic to the family life, with a special focus on the way in which the inherent hierarchy of every human group is dominated by two fundamental themes; Roles and Rules.

When you don’t understand the mechanics that drive and control the live of the Not-Self, the inherent dysfunctionality of ANY human group becomes a focus for homogenized blame, shame and guilt, when there is truly no need for it, if we could only stop measuring our own humanity and that of those we love by any kind of homogenized standard or believe.

The second half is a certification program for Analysts to expand their services, and in it we will focus on what the professional and psychological approach can be in order to be successful doing this work, using real live examples from the participants who would like to see their own family worked with in class. We will look into the essential aspects of the fundamental role of the mother and the father – and the relationship between the two – as the only indirect way to be able to benefit the children with this knowledge. We will also do the most important and challenging work of all, which is to learn how to cope with the conditionings inherent in living every day of your life immersed in one of the densest conditioning fields that exist, the Family, without suffering the burden of taking it any more personal than it truly is.

This part of the program is only for those who would like to be certified as professional Family Constellation Analysts, and the requirement is that they either already are professional analysts or they are on their way to become one (studying PTL1 or further). For those who want to take part and are not analysts yet, the final certification would be kept on hold until their professional studies have been completed and they become officially certified by the IHDS and the corresponding national organization as a HD professional Analyst.

Duration: 16 sessions of 90 minutes each (8 sessions Intro and 8 sessions certification)
Prerequisites: Certified Analyst or Registered PTL1 students
Location: Live or Online
Level: Advanced Studies
Family Penta and Numbers
Deconstructing the Pentagraph
Roles and Rules
Inner Flow, Discovery and Material Resources in the Family
Future, Past and Present in the Family
The Role of the Mother
Coping with Dysfunction
Working with practical examples

Intro Glossary:
Penta: A transauric Entity
Auras and Numbers
Roles & Rules
The Pentagram and its Locks
Definition and Gaps in the Penta
You can opt to attend only this half of the course (not certified). Price 400€

Certification Glossary:
The Homogenization of Identity
The Dysfunctional Family
The Role of the Mother
Coping with Conditioning


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