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If you are a newcomer to Human Design, then this is the first place you should visit in order to acquire basic notions about the system and not be misguided as you meet all the valuable information that it has to offer. You will learn about its most fundamental premises and find valuable and practical information about the overall mechanics that impact our daily lives.

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The Mutation of 2027 and beyond

The Human Design System is entirely based on logic, yes, but if this fundamental and organic logic would take away the quality of Mystery from its existential manifestations, then I for one would certainly not have dedicated the last 23 years to understand the revealed mechanics of the Maia and...

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The Nine Centered Solar Plexus: An Inside Transformation

For the first time, I will use the cognitive infrastructure that opens up our 9 centered potential to examine each of the streams and gates that are part of the Solar Plexus in a totally new light, aiming to inspire the audience in ways that will allow them to recognize...

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About a hundred thousand years ago our species went through a mutation in the Throat that provoked the dropping of the Larynx and opened up our vocal chamber, allowing in this way the regulation of sounds produced by the body into language. This evolutionary step represents the simultaneous birth of...

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Surprising the Reflector

Oftentimes it is forgotten that when we read a design we basically are keynoting the mechanics established by somebody’s aura. The most important keynote in the mechanics of the aura is Type. Every other keynote is submitted to this first one, and becomes naturally colored by its intrinsic psychology and...

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01 Type is a Mechanical Absolute

Nothing human is alien to any of us, because it all emerges out of the same human form. The differences between any two of us depend on the innate imprinting that we bring with us and that determines what the binary of the experience we have of ourselves is going...

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Alokanand DiazServices

The experiential richness of Alokanand Diaz provides the background that allows him to offer you services that are specifically tailored to your particular needs and situation. Visit this section to have an overview of the extensive list of professional services that he offers to the general public and contact him directly through email if you do not find what you are looking for.

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“Like Ra, Alok also deeply knows that there is nothing to become, but something to be. His incredibly rich and deep teachings shed light onto this simple insight from as many perspectives as you could wish for. Your mind will often oppose to what Alok teaches, and that is the very quality of having him as a teacher. ”

Oliver Statz - Human Design Analyst & LYDG, Ibiza, Spain

“I noticed something magical about Alokanand Diaz after a short video I watched of him. Walking away from that presentation I felt something unusual awaken inside my body. It was dopamine, but also a clear trigger of the spirit. His impact is clearly huge, and I respect his love for the Tao. ”

Leon Kieding,

“Always eager to share knowledge in a deep and multilayered way, you are brilliant and inspiring. ”

Mia Petrova,

“Alok has a unique style and perspective about this knowledge. With just one slide in a presentation he can inspire you for hours like he received the information directly from the voice. He will deliver a huge amount of information y a very deep, professional and fun way.”

Yossi Kotler,

“After the first reading with Alok I knew I was okay. He makes me recognize things that I didn't necessarily recognize as having been fully processed and integrated within me, and I always go away with new themes for contemplation that will turn and return until I suddenly get it. His compassion for projectors has taught me to have compassion for myself. ”

Susanne Lindström ,


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