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  • IHDS – The Language of Cog...

    Mechanics and awareness are naturally correlated but nor exactly the same.

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    What do we know about motivation? If you punch in the word in Google all the descriptions that you will find, including the one from Oxford dictionary, clearly lean towards the old 7 centered constructs that are all rooted in the nature of Manifestors and in the strategic mind that...

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  • Rave Sociology and the Rave I Ching

    Probably the most comprehensive original course that was ever taught by Alokanand Diaz to a small group of Analysts and advanced students of Human Design in his own home in the summer of 2017.

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  • The Allignment Keys

    There is a cognitive skeleton that binds the consistency of the life that we live out on the surface of our individual design in permanent connectivity with others with the life that we live below the surface that is only visible to the passenger consciousness that travels inside each of...

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    My awakening came with the acceptance of my fundamental ignorance, followed by the recognition that ‘not knowing’ was a true blessing in disguise. I was already aware when I first met the Human Design System that my parents were not personally to be blamed for the suffering and restrains that...

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  • The Mystical Way

    Different from what anyone could think, the ‘Mystical Way’ is not a secret route that we can find in some mysterious place where someone endowed with special gifts initiates us, through some kind of ritual, to who knows which supernatural attributes who supposedly will raise the spiritual category of anyone...

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