Alokanand is an emotional Manifestor with an Investigator/Martyr profile. He was born on the cross of Consciousness in the 1960s in a small fishing village in Galicia, Spain. It was probably his impactful emotional aura of being a ‘Jack of all trades’ that prompted his family to embark on his first journey towards change and progress. Germany, where he spent most of his childhood, exposed him to a completely different culture from the one he was born into, leading him to learn English and German fluently and planting the seeds for his international teaching career.

Upon his return to his village in Spain as an early teenager, he begins to feel oppressed by the ancestral darkness of the social environment around him, which slowly but surely opens him up to the possibility of seeking other places, other cultures, other ways of living.

After years of living adrift in a homogenized world, Alok took the leap and finally found a landing in Ibiza. Like many others, he was attracted by the possibility of living a life that was different from the homogenized standards of the societies where his journey originated.

He was one of them when he arrived on the island being barely 24 years of age, looking for a way out of his struggle to transcend the fear that life was nothing more than mere survival. For a time, Ibiza was a place where he finally met kindred spirits and a safe port to return to between trips to India. He frequented the Osho community there uninterruptedly for seven years, which was his first great experience of initiation that paved the way for the next fundamental meeting of his life.

In 1993, shortly after his Saturn return, Alok met Ra Uru Hu. Upon returning from a trip to India, he had a casual conversation with Ra at the same table in a bar in Ibiza. This conversation would change his life forever.

Alok was one of Ra Uru Hu’s first students. He became one of the first Certified Analysts and traveled the world with Ra. Alok was also Ra’s official translator for the Spanish language and his friend and companion in many ‘one-on-one’ conversations. These conversations had a huge impact on Alok’s spirit, both with Ra’s shocking messages and his incomparable way of conveying the Human Design System through his own living example.



“My encounter with Ra Uru Hu is the most important thing that happened to me in my adult life. There are no words to describe the impact he had on my spirit, both with his shocking messages and his incomparable way of transmitting it with his own living example.

Lost as I was in my own subjectivity, the constant determination with which I saw him live for himself the things he taught others was a shockingly awakening and refreshing experience, every time my distrusting consciousness felt overwhelmed by the doubts and confusion with which I have always faced any theoretical absolutes.

He gave me the tools that allowed me to liberate my own mind and align my personality with my form, providing a pathway for my life in which the same doubts and confusion, that used to put me under enormous mental pressure, have become a flowing fuel of inspiration for so many others.”

Alokanand Diaz


  • Alokanand Díaz is one of the leading authorities on Human Design worldwide and a member of the Faculty of the International Human Design School.
  • His education on Human Design started with Ra Uru Hu himself in 1993, before there was any specific course for teacher training, and continued until Ra’s passing in 2011.

  • He had the privilege of becoming the first Hispanic voice of Human Design and translated all the courses and public lectures offered by Ra to Spanish-speaking listeners, both inside and outside of Spain.
    He is the founder of Diseño Humano Hispania, the official publisher of Human Design in Spanish.
  • As an analyst, he has given more than 5000 Foundational Readings. 

  • As a teacher, he has given courses in eighteen different countries.

  • As a lecturer, he’s most likely the only person who dared to lecture beyond the scope of Ra’s teachings without altering a single aspect of it.





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