Having a hard time accepting the absolute of your own Authority and TruthThen you might have come to the right place.

Being born on the Cross of Consciousness with an Investigator / Martyr Profile, I was truly not designed to accept any kind of absolute at face value, especially not when what is demanded is that I surrender to an ‘inner’ Authority (Emotional in my case) that challenges the very foundations of my own rational mind. It is astonishing to have knowledge available that allows one to ‘beat’ the mind on its own ground of logical rationality. 

A Human Design Reading is not like anything you have experienced before. There are no symbols that need to be interpreted here, but the Analysis you will receive is entirely based on mechanical formulas that represent a logical absolute.

There is truly nothing to believe in whatever you are being told during a Human Design Analysis.

No matter what specific area of your design or your life we are focusing on during the reading, nothing is really true until your Strategy and inner Authority can confirm it in your own personal experience.

That is why, if you receive a proper service, you will never get any more important reading than the initial one, because it is there where you find out about the correct way in which your decisions can fertilize your life rather than distorting it.

Strategy and Authority are truly the only two practical keys to all the magic that can grow out of your uniqueness. The decisions that come out of them determine the ‘Tempo’ of your differentiated Life (When and Where) and Who has the right to play a Role in it (What and How).

Everything else that one can recognize from the details of the individual design are nothing but ‘Signposts’ that you can use as reference for the inner alignment of your Personality with its vehicle along the way. Signposts are helpful, there is no doubt, but they can mislead your attention and feed the Not-Self mind the moment you give them more importance than operating according to your overall nature. It is only through the continued practice of your Strategy and Authority that every other mechanical key gets naturally integrated in your consciousness as you open yourself up to the experimentation with your uniqueness.


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