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Living Your Design XXL

Every once in a while I feel called to engage back with the basics of human mechanics, and try to satisfy the needs of those who are making their first steps after meeting the Human Design System in their way. Because I know very well that it is during those first steps where the relationship that one is going to have with Human Design is going to be determined, and I also know how natural it is that people’s mental curiosity can actually carry their attention away from the simple truths that can be applied on a daily basis. There is no doubt that the ‘Living Your Design’ is the most foundational of all courses available in the broad and complex body of knowledge that is integrated in what is called the Human Design System.
Also, there are more LYD guides then Human Design Analysts worldwide. Still, for most human beings who participate in this course in just about every corner of this wide world, it tends to represent only the entry point to some further studies, whether it is with the aim to become an analyst overtime or not.

And it leaves me perplex, like it has left me perplex for the last 27 years. So much of the human misery of this world is due to human beings living their lives in the distorted believe that ‘knowledge is power’, and humans who are curious about the knowledge base of Human Design are no different from any other humans walking the mundane plane. They are looking for knowledge that will allow them to change this or that, because they think that they will feel better about themselves after their latest achievement.

But you see, ‘Living Your Design’ is NOT knowledge that can be turned into power, but it is knowledge that confronts everyone very personally and directly with the fact that when they live their lives following their mental curiosity and choices they become absolutely repetitive and predictable. And what is worse, they become predictable in the way their shadow is simply going to overpower their consciousness, as they cannot avoid getting caught in their own mental projections of which they surely are not even fully aware. To know oneself starts by knowing how one’s own shadow ends up standing in one’s own way, ha.

In order for this to become absolutely clear for those who are ready to TEST the knowledge for good before attempting to pass it on to others, one has to take the most foundational knowledge possible and experiment with it in every nook and corner of one’s own personal life, where the difference can immediately be tested and recognized. Sure it takes great determination to be ready to challenge the distorted and homogenized mental ‘certainties’ that feed off one’s own anger, frustration and/or resentment, but unless one is truly fed up with living one’s life loaded with these negative emotions, it is exceedingly difficult for ANY human being to have the slightest chance to win in that internal battle with one’s own shadow.

So, I thought to myself how I could contribute to make the transition from mental outer authority to the inner authority in the body more quickly effective for those who are ready to make that jump, and what came up for me is the following.
As an investigator of the foundation of consciousness, I know very well that the place where the Not-Self mind plays out its habitual distortions in a clearly recognizable way is nowhere else than in the field of our own personal and intimate relationships. And this is precisely the place where the shadow needs to be recognized and bypassed through the agency of strategy and inner authority, that are the two key elements that allow the individual human being to discover the most creative and dynamic way for aware and fulfilling self-expression.

With this in mind, less than two years ago I have designed a 4 day long process in which the information was presented in a way in which the participants learned what to look for in their own empirical experimentation and observation from the first moment after leaving the classroom. During the first two days I introduced the 9 centers and the 4 types in the same way and order I would normally do, which is also my own way of simplifying the information without losing any depth or
accuracy, but rather gaining very concrete oversight over the specific mechanics involved in the relationship between each of the four types and very specific centers and center functions. During day 3 I focused on the dynamics of personal interactions with the rest of the world on a moment to moment basis, introducing the general mechanics of the different ways in which two different designs interact when they meet and create a shared aura, and during day 4 I was very specifically orienting everyone’s attention towards the experimentation with the individual design in the field of sexuality and intimate relationships. Obviously, this occurred after having made an introduction of the general mechanics that drive human sexuality. All of this combined made up for a perfect setup in which participants were not only ready to start their personal experimentation, but to be absolutely transformed by it without needing to have access to more information in the field of Human Design.

Now the time has come when I want to take this process one step further, and take advantage of the online format to be able to provide a service in which I not only provide the mechanical information to participants, but I remain available throughout the complete length of the process to answer every question that comes up for the participants as they learn to walk their first steps. I explain myself…

Instead of completing the whole program in only 4 days and then go home to digest the whole information on your own, what I am offering is a process in which I will be assisting participants as they meet the dilemmas that are inherent to live their daily lives by the mechanical rules of their individual design. For this, registered participants will have weekly access to video recorded materials (with the corresponding transcription for better assimilation of the knowledge) and enough time to experiment with the information and make their own observations before we meet live in the classroom once every week for two hours. In those two hours I will answer questions that refer to the studied materials by using the individual charts of the participants as a living example. Then again, on the next Saturday participants will download the materials of the next session and a few days later we will meet online again for the next session of questions and answers through the living examples of the participants.

This will be done in the length of 8 weeks in which participants will have access to over 24 hours of pre-recorded video material and 8 online sessions with me of about two hours each. Depending on the level of involvement of participants, I may not be able to answer all the questions in each subsequent session, but I will certainly choose those who most clearly refer to the general themes that everyone has to deal with in their experimentation. Moreover, I intend to create a Facebook page with restricted access that is exclusive for the participants of this course in which there will not only be space for interaction amongst participants but where I will actively involve myself in the discussions that inspire me to do so.

Nobody like me, who has been fully dedicated to expand the knowledge and make it accessible for others knows how fascinatingly interesting all the details are of everything that can be ‘explained’, but what is an explanation worth for something of which you have no personal experience yet?

Understanding through logic is a building that cannot be constructed in a hurry and without personal experimentation. One should be weary of penetrating too deep into the theory because that’s when one looses perspective over what is objectively happening and what is just imagination. I want to invite everyone interested in getting to the core of personal experimentation with just the
necessary amount of basic theory to participate in this pioneering experiment to take the initiatory impact of ‘Living Your Design’ to its maximum expression.

Alokanand Diaz

Course Index and Estimative Time Schedule

Starts on MAY

Dates of Q&A sessions

May, 15th: Session 1
May, 22nd: Session 2
May, 29th: Session 3
June, 5th: Session 4
June, 12th: Session 5
June, 19th: Session 6
June, 26th: Session 7
July, 3rd: Session 8

In addition, 12 files with downloadable material.

Note 1: People who have taken the LYD program anywhere with another officially
registered LYDG are welcome to ask for a discount for their participation in this
Note 2: People who have completed the ‘General Training’ and would like to take
this opportunity to be trained as a LYDG are welcome to ask for conditions
Note 3: Participants in the LYD XXL are entitled to have a reading with me during
the time of the course and up to one month afterwards for only 70% of its normal