Motivation: the engine of personality



What do we know about motivation? If you punch in the word in Google all the descriptions that you will find, including the one from Oxford dictionary, clearly lean towards the old 7 centered constructs that are all rooted in the nature of Manifestors and in the strategic mind that has developed as a consequence of them being the leading type of humanity since the beginning of our collective history; using the rational mind to define the most secure action in the improvement of our capacity to survive as a species in the material world.

The lecture on what real motivation is will be divided in two parts with a small break in between. In the first part I will explain the mechanics of the way in which the homogenization of human motivation is, and has always been, the spearhead of our purpose and evolution as a species. No shame, no blame. In the second part I will introduce the potential for unique purpose and differentiated awareness that is possible for each of us, when the motivational forces operate correctly as the legitimate engine of our individual psyche.

I will present the six mechanical variations depending on the type of personality (the combination of Profile & Color), and I will also explain the duality that emerges out of them. I will illustrate how the theme of individual purpose is going to be perceived and processed through the conscious ‘I AM’ as a manifestation of homogenized anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment, or how it could also lead to a differentiated awareness of oneself that is absolutely fulfilled with the existence that it was given at birth and that it continues to wake up to every single day of its life.

You are very welcome to join me for this lecture that I have been planning to do for a very long time. Motivation is the leitmotiv of the incredible potential that exists within each and every human personality, and it is at the core of the way in which we process our consciousness. To understand these basic mechanics will help everyone understand better that the mind as such is truly just another ‘mechanism’, and when you have the keys to recognize the way those mechanics operate within you, then you always know what to look for in the directional movement of any of your thoughts, and most importantly, the directional movement of the language that you use in order to express yourself.

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