RA Cross of Penetration and LA Crosses of Clarion and Cycles

Do you want to learn about the themes inherent in your particular Incarnation Cross from one of the best and most experienced Teachers of Human Design?



In this complete presentation of the thematic of each cross variation; you get the information inherent in your own Human Design Incarnation Cross. Delivered in a highly impactful way; is sure to deepen your understanding of the themes involved in the fulfillment of your particular life purpose.

Alokanand’s investigative, adaptable nature has taken him to experiment deeply with Human Design as both student and teacher. Through the recognition of the patterns; he has discovered a unique way to synthesize this body of knowledge and share it in an experiential way that empowers inner truth in those who study with him.
“We live in a dream. But we are here to be fulfilled in the illusion, not to be frustrated and unhappy because we didn’t manage to become what we thought we were supposed to become; in order to be special for others—or ourselves”. Alokanand Diaz

Listen to Alokanand Diaz’s general introduction and then to his elaboration on the thematic of your particular Incarnation Cross; both through the 4 right angle variations as the cross manifests its purpose through the trajectory of a personal destiny; and also through the 2 variation through which the cross manifests its inherent purpose through the trajectory of left angle transpersonal karma.

“You’re not here to carry your Cross… the Cross is there to enrich our lives with purpose.” Alokanand Diaz

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