About a hundred thousand years ago our species went through a mutation in the Throat that provoked the dropping of the Larynx and opened up our vocal chamber, allowing in this way the regulation of sounds produced by the body into language. This evolutionary step represents the simultaneous birth of ‘Homo Sapiens’ and the emergence of mind as a potential for conceptual awareness.

In this lecture I intend to illustrate, and explain in detail, how the rational mind of human beings has developed as a strategic tool for the benefit of our survival as a species, allowing us to climb to the top of the food chain and have the irreversibly mutative impact that we’ve had on the environment. However far this evolutionary step has taken us as a species, the truth is that the way that has led us to where we are is marked with the suffering of most human individuals who have ever incarnated during this process, because the expansion of the human mental horizon was never meant to lead to a species of awakened individuals.

When you understand the mechanics of the human condition, it becomes obvious that awakening, though always individually possible, has nothing to do with the mind directly. Actually, the mind tends to ‘act’ as a hypnotic tool of evolution to keep human beings in track like sheep looking for the light at the end of a tunnel. This is because the primary purpose of mind from an evolutionary perspective was never the awakening of single individuals, but the development of the homogenized Not-Self civilizations that we have in the world of today. In this context, it becomes obvious that the evolutionary program has won largely over the potential for uniqueness and differentiated awareness in humankind.

It was never a matter of choice to wake up from the rational mind’s hypnotic grip, is only now through the demystification of the dogmas of the past and the emergence of scientific information that supports the views of the Human Design System and the new cognitive mutation in the Solar Plexus that the system is deeply rooted in, that human differentiation is not only possible, but that it no longer has to be perceived as a sign of madness if it deeply differs with the homogenized standards established by the authorities of any social group.

This lecture can help you understand the intricacies of the rational mind and the way it has always been driven by and connected to our other two centers of potential awareness; the Spleen bringing the cognitive potential of the body in its readiness to survive and the Solar Plexus bringing the potential of the individual spirit, whether it ever becomes realized or not. I will reveal graphically and mechanically the way the other two centers of awareness have always contributed to the mental perception we have of ourselves, whether that perception is homogenized and unaware or whether it is one that empowers uniqueness and potential differentiation.

Join me for this one time lecture and discover the mechanics behind the human mental system, so you can free yourself from its hypnotic grip and see it for what it is; a measuring instrument that you need to learn how to use without fascination and/or fear.

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