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It does not matter how much anyone has learned in Human Design. It is all doomed to fall apart into blurred concepts if they do not know how to ground the details of the mechanics within the overall thematic that dominates the chemistry that provides consistency to the human aura and to the way each of us interacts with the world that we have around; the Type.



It does not matter how much anyone has learned in Human Design. It is all doomed to fall apart into blurred concepts if they do not know how to ground the details of the mechanics within the overall thematic that dominates the chemistry that provides consistency to the human aura and to the way each of us interacts with the world that we have around; the Type.

If your involvement with Human Design has the slightest experiential depth, then you already know that when it comes to use this knowledge for your own transformation, the only thing that matters at all times is following your Strategy and Authority every time you need to make a decision. Decisions are markers that determine our movement in space, but type is much more than a way to make personal decisions. It is a way to perceive life in all of its manifestations, and to know how to neutralize the resistances that we meet, staying in the flow with everything as we consciously step into the material world every day when we wake up in the morning.

Whether we are experiencing the distortion of our Not-Self or the alignment to our natural signature, the mechanical structure of our type colors the overall quality of every thought that we have, and of every feeling, and of every fear and potential action that we might engage with. 4 human beings that would be carriers of the same cross and profile, but belonged each to one of the four different types, would have a totally different way of moving in life and of experiencing the potential purpose inherent within that cross and profile structure, whereas if they belonged to the same type would practically feel like existential twins.

Each of the four types is designed to move in a certain way that allows them to recreate within their own minds a certain structure of the world that they take in. Without this ability to recreate this structure of the material world in our rational mind, we lack the necessary ingredients to remember our own autobiography well enough to be able to represent ourselves in interaction with others with whatever level of consistency we managed to develop in the continuity of relationship we have to ourselves.
I was very fortunate to be trained by Ra Uru Hu in times when most of the information base that is part of the Human Design System was still hidden from the general public, and nobody knew what else was to come after he had introduced the 4 types to his fractal of students. Every time Ra would introduce a new level of the knowledge base that he had, he did everything he could to make sure that we all understood that whatever general guidelines he was explaining about this or about that, they still had a totally different meaning and value for each of the 4 types.

It is the Type that establishes the synthesis of the individual design, and since this is a perspective I personally never lost, at a certain point in my professional development as a Human Design teacher it became clear to me that the main reason why people continue to go crazy for more knowledge instead of living out their lives in accordance to their own design – finding the type structure to be intellectually too simple to stay with – is basically that they only know the type structure from the shallowest aspects of the surface, but absolutely ignore the depth and the potential for flowering that all 4 types are capable of catalyzing in the individual consciousness when properly integrated in the flow of the daily life.

At this point I asked myself what I could do in order to seduce those that study with me into falling in love with the astonishing depth and solidity of the type construct. I tried to collect all the information I had about Type and considered what anyone should know about their own type in order to recognize that there is absolutely nothing missing in them, and I also what every Human Design professional should know about the 4 types in general, in order to deliver the information with a level of depth that transforms each of their readings into a marking stone in the life of their clients. So, the following is what came out.


Introduction and Background

If you really want to understand any of the 4 types you need to start by knowing that each of them represents a highly specialized way to meet life that is rooted in the functions represented by centers. It is based on the centers that are defined that we know what type of design we are dealing with, right?

From this perspective it comes very easy to see not only what the centers are that become the true center of gravity for the mechanical synthesis of each of the 4 types, but you can also see which centers are not specifically related to any of them.

Hence, understanding the transcendent functions of those centers and the impact that they have on everybody’s life is a real starting point in comprehending the human condition, and the way that condition triggers the state of our consciousness depending on the level of alignment that we manage to experience regarding our true nature.

01: Type is a Mechanical Absolute

Nothing human is alien to any of us, because it all emerges out of the same human form. The differences between any two of us depend on the innate imprinting that we bring with us and that determines what the binary of the experience we have of ourselves is going to be until the end of the ride.

Human Design is form knowledge and it establishes that we are all born as a manifestation of the way the form principle operates in our species. There is nothing human that I know of that does not have its corresponding mechanic in the Rave Body Graph. It actually requires very little understanding to be able to identify what is simply obvious in the general imprinting of any individual design, once one understands the synthesizing power of the type construct.

02: Human Suffering and the two Pressure Centers

We are born under pressure. There is pressure to breathe in, and there is pressure to breathe out again, because to live under pressure is simply natural if you are born what we call a human. We all learned to deal with the pressures of life in an unnatural way, and we reproduce the resulting distortion in our individual consciousness, without even being aware of it.

We learned to try to control the pressure in certain ways because supposedly we could learn how to avoid suffering, and all we learned in this way is to remain in control even in times when there is no real motive to be tensed up and anxious about our lives.

We are all designed to process pressure in a different way, and not knowing how to do that is what stands in the way of living out the true signature that belongs to our type instead of suffering the distortion of the Not-Self dynamics of the mundane plane.

03: Human Suffering and the Throat Center

The deepest level of pressure that we are always under is a real mystery to us, because we are born under pressure to express ourselves independently from the level of awareness that we actually have in order to do so. If this does not explain to you the cacophony of this world nothing will.

There you have 90% of human beings expressing ‘themselves’ loudly pretending to be Manifestors of some kind every time they open their mouths. There is no surprise in knowing that nobody wants to listen to so much second hand crap that expresses nothing more than the accumulated anger and frustration, bitterness and disappointment that so deeply characterizes our species.

Watch Alokanand Díaz in his deconstruction of the way in which the Throat Center becomes a target (and end rather than a means) for our Not-Self mind to take our lives over and keep them in permanent distortion.

04: Human Suffering and the Heart Center

Willpower is the ‘reason’ why everyone is capable of acting and communicating like a fake Manifestor, because believing in ‘Free Will’ is nothing but a mentally conditioned ‘choice’ to approach life as if you were one. Only Manifestors seem to know that there is no such thing as ‘Free Will’, which makes it really hard for those that have a defined Heart Center while belonging to a different type.

You see, it is insultingly simple to recognize that ‘Willpower’ was never ‘free’, because it is driven by need, and need is not something that you can choose to have or not have when it comes, because need is physical. Now, the 65% of human beings that have an open Heart Center in their design are going to use their pretended free will to manipulate the natural needs of their physical vehicle, interfering with in every possible way at the most basic level.

Watch Alokanand Díaz reveal the absolute supremacy of body over mind inspired in this most fundamental mechanic of the energy that runs through the Heart Center, and be liberated from the burden of the greatest lie humanity has ever told itself about itself; that there is any difference between altruism and egoism, when indeed they are the two sides of the same coin.

The Manifestor Type

01: The Evolution of the Type Structure

Type is the first evolutionary step in the diversification of being human. The Manifesting Generator was the original archetype where survival was individual and an end to itself. But this is deeply archaic and not what we call ‘Homo Sapiens’ or human. The true human archetype as we know it today started with the emergence of language and the Manifestor type, who established the principles that would make it possible for strangers to collaborate together in the creation of what we proudly, or not, call civilization.

02: The Forces of Manifestation

To embody a force of Manifestation is to be driven by something that sooner or later will become uncontrollable. The main problem in this is not how much it can make other people angry, but how much it can be a challenge for the Manifestor who assumes that they should not feel and behave in this way, to be able to accept their nature and openly inform others about their inherent need to live in a way that pushes the boundaries of anything resembling ‘normality’.

03: The Polarities of Manifestation

To be a Manifestor is to be as uncontrollable as life is, and that is all good when one is exploring the potential of one’s own spirit by pushing the boundaries of ‘normality’. But one never leaves the world of normality completely behind, and some old karma just keeps crawling up your back, as Ra says it in one of his songs. This is why Manifestors need to know all the shadow sides of what feels as ‘freedom’, which are to be found in the themes of the gates that are the polarities to the 6 gates that make up the 3 manifested channels that we have in the Rave Body Graph.

04: The Manifestor and the Godhead

The Godhead that rules over the Manifestor principle is Lakshmi, the Goddess of Beauty, Richness, Truth and Spirit, the basic qualities that civilization recognizes as glamorous and whose carriers are considered to be ‘special’. This is the force behind the emergence of Kings, thrones and courts, which created the material hierarchies and differences that still rule in the world of today.

The Generator Type

01: Life force and Generators

When we speak about the power to reproduce we tend to think of sexual reproduction, but the truth is that the entire Sacral Center with its 11 possibilities to create a definition is all about reproduction. Each gate that emerges out of the Sacral Center is designed to reproduce something about life itself, whether that is cell reproduction, the flowing rhythm of our breath or the intermittent pulsing of the heart, reproduction of life’s constants is always going on at many different levels.

Ultimately, when the Generator lives in respond the Sacral Center has the power and ability to reproduce the satisfaction in their own sense of being and in the structure of their individual life mutating moment by moment as it flows with all things at a holistic and existential level.

02: Generator mechanics

There is truly only one mechanic that makes all the difference for the Generator type and that is waiting to respond in the flow. However, there is a huge thing standing in the way of their ability to actually live their life in this way, and that is their own mind, because their mind is NOT the mind of a Generator, it is the mind of a slave that thinks like a Manifestor.

Unable to define who they are for themselves, the not-self of Generators has a submissive way of using their power in meeting the roles and rules of a civilization that is simply fascinated by the Manifestor type, which is something that sprouts the seed of frustration in their broken and dissatisfied spirit.

03: Satisfaction is in response to Learning

Civilization is the Quarter of the pure form, and it is the only one that does not include a single gate that comes out of the Sacral Center. This so clearly reveals how little Generators are designed to identify with whatever they could find in the world of form.

Moreover, it reveals that Generators are the first ones to have a natural capacity to transcend the form after being transformed by encountering it, realizing that form can never be a satisfying end in itself for any of them, and that it is the self-realization of the spirit that is incarnated in them that is the ultimate purpose of whatever they get to experience.

04: Satisfaction is in response to Bonding and Transformation

There is surely no bigger handicap to enjoy successful and fulfilling relationships for a Generator than the attachment to formal relationships that is so normal in the way human beings have always bonded. This is due to the unstoppable power of the genetic imperative to reproduce, which can so hardly get in the way of a Generators individual growth and potential transformation.

The Projector Type

01: Projectors are about Awareness

The 3 centers of awareness are to be found between the two pressure centers and the Throat Center where things can be manifested. The purpose of that mechanical layout is simple and clear. Awareness is there to process and learn to regulate the pressures of life in ways that make us feel secure (Spleen), that allow us to communicate with clarity about the circumstances of our life (Ajna) and that we remain sensitive enough to recognize that we are not the only ones living under pressure (Solar Plexus).

22 out of the 36 channels that the Rave Body Graph is made of are projected mechanics that are specifically designed to contribute to our cognitive potential, which speaks mountains about the yet unexplored potential of the Projector Type when properly aligned with the limitation of being born a so called Non-energy type. Awareness is about ‘presence’, not necessarily action.

02: The Projector Type

The greatest difference between a Projector and any of the two energy types is in the way they process the unavoidability of being conditioned by others from the moment they come out of their mother’s womb. Instead of fighting the conditioning and suffering because they cannot avoid it, they are here to take advantage of it by transforming vulnerability into personal wisdom and potential ‘outer authority’.

Before they can do it, they need to have a structure through which they can deconstruct their own personal experience in this live and offer the resulting awareness to others through unique and objective self-expression in the way they interact with those that they bond with and ‘shape’ the social texture of the world that they wake up to everyday.

03: Living the Projector’s life

Human Intelligence is so deeply abused by the power structures of the world that bitterness is practically unavoidable is there is any spirit left in you, and when it comes to the creative use of intelligence no other type can compare to the Projector.

Bitterness is not a problem, but a symptom of intelligence as a consequence of recognizing that human beings who supposedly love each other do not know how to effectively communicate their love and their truth without resisting and distorting each other.

The Projector signature is ‘Success’, but it is a quality of ‘Success’ that cannot be measured by material achievement. The only way to get there is to learn to disengage and break the identification with all the human characteristics that have a direct function in generating and manifesting.

04: Awareness is Receptivity in the Projector

Being a Manifestor and impacting others with your actions has so much to do with challenging the fears of others, and Projectors are great in learning to manipulate those fears. That is why the Projector is best equipped to live their life pretending to be a Manifestor. However, when you go around manipulating people taking advantage of their fears, it is a matter of time that someone recognizes you are bluffing, and that is when the Projector becomes totally disempowered and bitter about life.

This is why we need Projectors to find a form of awareness that is not focused on material achievement and strategic mental speculation. Projectors are here to reveal to us the magic that resides in our human potential when we learn to be receptive to life’s spirit of abundance and to enjoy our perception as a decoder of the personal value that we recognize in each and every experience that we make.

The Reflector Type

01: The Reflector and the G-Center

“WHERE you are is WHO you are.” The same way that the 8 gates of the 2 crosses that meet in the G-Center are the integrating field for the totality, the purpose of the Reflector type is summarized and anchored in the dilemmas and potential of human identity. Now, because human identity is homogenized, the main dilemma of the Reflector is to know ‘who THEY are’, and in order to be able to do that, the Reflector has to ground his individual identity in the physical place in which they consider to settle down for a minimum of 28 days. During this cycle the gates that are active in the G-Center of the Reflector act as a primary test in evaluating the correctness of that place for their individual development in this life.

02: The Reflector and Homogenization of Human Identity

The evolutionary forces certainly never meant to create a species of 7 billion awaken human beings. Instead they created the transauric forces of Penta and WA that drove the homogenization of human identity to levels that are so ridiculous that they are also scary.
In their natural openness to existence, Reflectors are here to tune in with something that is bigger than any of us, which is the life program itself, and something that can be measured by establishing conscious relationship between the above and the below.

03: The Reflector and the Moon

Though we say it is instinct, the life of beasts, like any other form of life on planet Earth, is driven by the Moon and by the electromagnetic field that it creates in its cyclical orbit around us. If we were capable of surrendering the personality to our form we would notice that it is also the Moon that provides gravity to the mental flow of our own thoughts as they happen in perfect synchronicity with everything else.

04: The Reflector and the signature of Surprise

If it does not come out of the Unknown, how could it ever be called ‘Surprise’? But, how can ‘Surprise’ be the answer to “¿who are THEY?”? Well, if THEY are represented by a homogenizing pattern, then ‘Surprise’ can only come from meeting someone whose ‘I am’ and ‘I think’ is not restricted by any pattern that is pre-established. When your awareness is rooted in human identity, then true ‘Surprise’ can only come from meeting someone whose self-expression is unique.

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