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Kali’s Face and Valentine’s Day

A couple of weeks back, as the Sun entered the 41.1, we’ve entered into a new Rave Year Cycle, which reveals the main imprint that is going to condition the overall ‘Ambient’ in the solar frequency of this year 2013, but in a few days, as the Sun passes from the end of gate 19 – Approach- which is the last gate of the Quarter of Mutation, into the 1st line of gate 13 – Fellowship of Men – which is the first gate of the Quarter of Initiation – what we are starting is another yearly incarnation cycle, in which the daily power of the Sun will update the complete repertoire of the human Catalogue of roles that are available in the chemistry of human genes.

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Mitra’s Face and the Power of Questions

The impact of the gods upon the human psyche has always been so deep that, despite of knowing their pervasive capacity to condition us, I cannot avoid feeling some personal ‘inclinations’ that seem to serve some of them better than others, obviously rooted in the way my own design is predisposed to resonate with life, but also in what drives my Not-Self mind to identify with these ‘unifying’ and ‘uniforming’ forces of… homogenization in the end. That is why most human beings have a better relationship with whatever ‘their’ Godhead is than they will ever have with themselves.

Self-condemnation is the most common disease in the spirit of human beings, and most exceptions to that become the manifestation of those who are ready to condemn everybody else… and no counting of the innocent. Awareness has to be something else.

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The Face of Michael and the Theme of Justice

Like in any other quarter, the line of transition into the Godhead that embodies the principles of Love for the entire quarter is a very important marker of all the unresolved human dilemmas that cast their shadow unto the first half of each quarter. In this case, we have the line of Justice, or ‘just-ice’, like Ra used to ‘joke’ about it.

It so happens to be my emotional Manifestor line that makes me the ‘Jack of all Trades’ that I am. It is something obvious to any adult member of the human species that the ‘Empire of Law’ (rooted in survival fears and potential awareness of the Spleen) cannot guarantee ‘Justice’ (rooted in the release of feelings in the SP) amongst human beings, because they all seem to be born with as much potential for creative ‘goodness’, living in emotional peace with others, as for destructive anger and ‘evilness’ that threatens social integration.

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The Power of Questions

Consciousness does not have to lead to awareness. It is even fortunate that there are two very distinct terms in English language to describe what actually are two completely different mechanisms, in the way they participate in fueling the cognitive processes of the human mind, because in most of the other European languages there seems to be only one single term for both, which speaks mountains for the lack of awareness in conscious human beings.

Being myself someone born on the Cross of Consciousness, and having definition everywhere between the Head and Ajna centers – except for gate 24 – I truly am someone who’s life has been transformed as I changed my attitude towards questions in general, and my own questions in particular.

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The Quarter of Mutation

With all certainty is the ‘Quarter of Mutation’ generally the most easily misunderstood and yet prone to lead to misjudgement and false generalizations. What kind of transformation could it be referring to, isn’t that right?

The thing is that our ideas about ‘transformation’ and about what is ‘transformable’ is, and I say this also with all certainty, not only one of the most deeply homogenized in humanity, but also the one that is most submitted to dogmas of every kind. A dogma is nothing but a rational way of excusing and justifying human misery, no matter of which order and origin.

As we live out our lives (incorrectly), led by the distorted power we give to our ‘reasons’, we unavoidably accumulate anger and disappointment, frustration and resentments, that with the passing of the years make the worst dogmas of our forefathers find reassurance of their validity given the evidences one can find of them in the way one’s own life has been transformed, and by the way the life experiences have slowly but surely transformed also the purity of the spirit with which one was once born.

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We humans do not like pressure, because we never knew how to recognize its transcendent importance and we never learned much about how to enjoy it and take advantage of its potential. We would recognize that it is actually designed to be a natural drive that either works in our favour, in the sense that it empowers our individual potential for fertile awareness, or that through experience we can learn to integrate and manage it with wisdom.


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