Rave Cartography

February 2021

As its name indicates, Rave Cartography is the very first module in the official studies of the Human Design System that provides the student with the necessary analytical tools to be able to synthesize all the significant elements in the mechanics that reveal both the potential and the limitation inherent in any individual Rave Chart.

After having learned the differentiated values of the circuitry and the mechanical elements that make up the structure of the Body Graph in the Rave ABC, the students are introduced to a more holistic perspective that starts with the learning about the 12 Profiles that operate as a cognitive framework for human consciousness. To be clear about the transcendent importance of Profile, it should be enough to know that it represents 70% of an individual’s cognitive makeup, both unconsciously through the body and consciously at the personality level. Learning about Profile not only reveals the archetypal nature of the pressure and tension that invariably emerges the psychology of humans, but through the way the 12 Profiles are sequenced also shows the way in which the movement of the wheel becomes the regulating mechanism for the fulfillment of purpose in every human incarnation.

From Profile we move into the view of Definition, which reveals the way the cognition is going to be anchored in the potential consistency provided by the biological structure of the vehicle. From the first day that I was introduced to the Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu in 1993, I heard him say: “Definition is the ONLY thing you can trust.” Today, all I need to do to have a good grasp of any individual’s deepest dilemmas is take a brief look at their Definition and Profile. The way the imprinted Definition is spread out through the Rave Body Graph reveals the psychological dilemmas that the individual is going to face in order to be able to integrate and align his spirit to his own individual form.

The next theme in line is learning about the different forms of inner ‘Authority’. That is, the place inside the body that provides the signals that allow us to recognize the correctness or not of every decision we need to make in our movement through the material world. Combined with the Strategy of our type that we learned in the LYD, inner authority is the most important tool for transformation that a human being can have. There is nothing more reliable than having an inner physical source of signal that one knows how to recognize and allows one to objectively assess the personal and differentiated value of any decision completely bypassing the rational mind and its homogenized worries.

Finally, the module closes with the 4 views: Definition, Type, Authority and Profile. Once we gather all the relevant information that is revealed through each of these 4 views, we have everything we need to start putting things into a perspective that clearly highlights the general lines upon which any individual life can unfold in its basic duality. We can see the potential that can emerge if the being learns to master his design by operating in accordance to its mechanical laws, and we can also see the unavoidable distortion that will manifest if the individual tries to manage his life by making mental decisions. During this part of the course we will work in praxis with a range of different examples that will illustrate to the student how to develop the skills to analyze any chart without falling into subjective interpretations.

There is probably no other course elsewhere where you can learn so much about the human nature and condition in such a limited amount of time as in this extraordinary course that completes the ‘General Training’ in Human Design. Please, review our calendar of events for the next time this course is scheduled, or send an email to our office if you are interested in knowing more about it.


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