Living Your Design XXL



What I am offering is a process in which I will be assisting participants as they meet the dilemmas that are inherent to live their daily lives by the mechanical rules of their individual design. 8 weeks in which participants will have access to 8 online sessions with me of about two hours each.

Nobody like me, who has been fully dedicated to expand the knowledge and make it accessible for others knows how fascinatingly interesting all the details are of everything that can be ‘explained’, but what is an explanation worth for something of which you have no personal experience yet?

Understanding through logic is a building that cannot be constructed in a hurry and without personal experimentation. One should be weary of penetrating too deep into the theory because that’s when one looses perspective over what is objectively happening and what is just imagination. I want to invite everyone interested in getting to the core of personal experimentation with just the necessary amount of basic theory to participate in this pioneering experiment to take the initiatory impact of ‘Living Your Design’ to its maximum expression.

Alokanand Diaz

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4 sessions, 8 sessions