Family constelation analyst certification



The first part is an introductory level that is open to the general public, and it covers the general mechanics of the way in which the  transauric entity called ‘Penta’ impacts on the individual life of every family member with its inherently distortive ‘unidirectionality’. During this time we shall learn about the mutative psychology of group dynamics that is more and more constraining as the number of members in the family increases, which is one of the more practical aspects of this knowledge, since it is something that can be objectively observed and measured wherever human beings gather in small groups. 

The second part of the course is only open to certified Analysts, or to those in the process of becoming one if they are enrolled in some of the official PTL programs that exist. Here the focus will be on understanding the psychological dilemmas of the way in which the Family affects everyone, but spins fundamentally around the role of ‘The Mother’ and the potential openness of the mother to the knowledge. 

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Introduction course, Certification course