Summer School with Alokanand



This is going to be my first summer school away from Ibiza in a long time, and I want to take this opportunity to change a few things in my approach to these summer schools that I have been hosting for so many years now. One of them is that, despite of my love for meeting the participants in the aura, this year all courses will be taught exclusively online. Perhaps in the coming years, when I am more acquainted with this new location and the possibilities that it offers, I will be able to offer live events in the aura again. There is nothing I would love better.

However, for this year I have prepared a nice menu that combines fundamental aspects of human mechanics with some precious elements of more advanced information. It is my intention to elaborate on those advanced themes in a way that makes them accessible for anyone, so that the information can easily be recognized and integrated in the daily lives of the participants. The summer school starts with the RAVE ABC, as the beginning of an official training for the new generation of LYD (XXL) participants that I am currently working with. Anybody that is interested in it is welcomed to join, given that they have completed the LYD with any official guide previously