PTL 1 – Ibizalok


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This is where your true vocation for the pure analysis of human mechanics is going to be tested. If you make it through this first year, you are more than likely to make it through to the end and become a truly fine analyst ready to deliver a fist hand initiation out of your own mechanical perspective on human life.

This is the most challenging and taxing of all professional levels, because after a process in which you grew accustomed to receiving loads of fresh and exciting information from your teacher in each new session, there is no new conceptual input, so to speak, when you get to this point. Here it is all a matter of learning how to put together all the pieces of the many and different things that the students have learned so far, until they are presented with a clear mechanical picture that allows them to humanize the specifics of the ‘human machinery’ inherent in any individual Rave body graph.

This level of professional training is entirely focused of the development of the student’s ability to synthesize and compress the mechanical information present in the chart, and the efficient delivery of the information to their future clients.

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8 sessions, 48 sessions