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Savor a preview of this latest episode of The Godhead & The Program by Alokanand Díaz! This exclusive video series, delving into the potential impact of the most significant transits in the neutrino ocean, is unveiled every 10 days for the members of The Differentiation Club.


We all carry the theme of ‘thinking’ ingrained in our very human genes. We all are designed to be ‘The Thinker’, and we can know (because it is a scientific fact nowadays) that we all are a living embodiment of what used to be searched for on the outside as ‘The Philosophical Stone’. As a consequence, we can be aware that we are the only creatures in the whole universe that carry the potential to recreate life through our thinking, whether we know how to think for ‘ourselves’, or we live, like the greatest majority of human beings does, in deep identification with whatever homogenized opinions and cultural beliefs were imposed on us by our environment. Uniqueness is not so much about the type of vehicle through which we have incarnated, but it is much more about the way in which we can translate mentally what is indeed a unique sensorial experience; being alive in the world as a human being.

This is why the homogenization of consciousness has brought so much calamity to the individual spirit, despite the evolutionary success of the human species as a collective. Now, knowing your design – and knowing your strategy and authority in combination with your mental dilemma – is a great thing, but this does not mean that your mind is not going to continue being driven by the multiple layers of the homogenized fears that have been fed into you since you came into the world. It is precisely those fears that need to be ‘disarmed’ and surrendered to life, which is what the entire personal deconditioning process is all about.

This program represents a way to provide continued support to those engaged in their deconditioning, as they meet deeper layers of fear and attachment in their personal process, reminding them that the homogenized program is NOT their life, and helping them recognize the many ways in which it tends to act as a distraction that takes their attention away from what is indeed the inherent individual purpose that we each embody, whose awareness can only come from one’s own personal EXPERIENCE.

It takes not only the greatest determination to confront one’s own homogenized mental habits, but it also takes a lot of time, as conditioning is not a stone that one can remove out of one’s way once and forever, but rather it is something that fuels the way our desires, needs and indecisiveness are emotionally layered within our psyche, which is way deeper than just the mind.

The program will be presented in video format and will have its own forum in which viewers can interact with Alok. leaving their comments or questions in regard to whatever is being shared in a written format.

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