LEFT AND RIGHT COGNITION: From ‘Experimentation’ to ‘Experience’


AUGUST 14 & 15

Mechanical Foundation and Keys of Emotional Intelligence

The fascination for the mechanics revealed through the Human Design System and the logical preciseness that can be derived from the Rave Body Graph, which is the synthesizing tool for this most amazing body of knowledge, predisposes the great majority of people that meet Human Design on their way to oversee one of its most fundamental premises; that the revelation of the Human Design System presupposes the announcement of a mutation in the cognitive architecture of our species that has started in 1781.

From the emergence of ‘homo sapiens’ until barely 250 years ago, the development of human awareness has always been strategic and unidirectional, with its focus permanently placed on the improvement of strategies that, when put into action, can ‘guarantee’ our survival as individuals and as a species. Independently from the branch of knowledge that we speak about, the cognitive orientation of our sense always points in the same direction; the development of security in our predictive capacity based on the recognition of patterns that we see organically reproduce themselves in nature.

Without this predictive capacity, which is connected to our ability to organize as groups through the use of language, ‘homo sapiens’ would have never climbed to the top of the food chain, nor would it have been able to implement such a strategic dominance of natural resources that it would allow it not only to make it to the Moon, but actually to challenge (in God’s name) each and every natural law that restricts the lives of all other mammalians, and in this way expand its kingdom of artificiality until the domains of the digital world and virtual reality. As a mammal, I could not be prouder of belonging to such a fascinating species as ours.

However, the discovery of the planet Uranus by William Herschel in 1781 opened up a ‘gap’ in the collective understanding of humankind, through which we became aware of our ignorance and the frailness of all our belief systems. The unmovable ‘reality’ (with all of its dogmas) of the Saturnian Universe, which was the only one known until then, started to leak away its fundamental certainties with the emergence of relativity and quantum mechanics, while the industrial revolution was leading to a sexual revolution that would end up normalizing divorce at a planetary level, and that would irreversibly shake up the foundation of the only ‘institution’ that continued to keep its aura of holiness in all civilizations despite the passing of time: the (more or less) sacred family.

Without the effective functionality of the family unit in the creation and maintenance of the moral domain that rules over our most personal relationships, our collective sense of ‘reality’ slowly has been breaking down and giving way to a blind sense of individualism that, in truth, is just the manifestation of a distorted egoism that is devoid of individual and differentiated awareness. Every new generation that is born comes into a world in which the future – that which until very recently was the predictable foundation of our way to understand life – is becoming more blurred and uncertain as time passes, which increases the objective clarity with which we recognize the limitations in all the dogmas that we had embraced until now, when it comes to provide solutions of continuity to our way of facing the evolutionary challenges that we are meeting.

Paradoxically, this same evolutionary funnel which represents a challenge to humanity as a whole is also a golden opportunity for those individuals that have the good fortune to find some way to orient their lives towards the development of the so called ‘Emotional Intelligence’, which gives priority to the personal experience of each individual over any other consideration when it comes to identify what is perceived as ‘true’. Unfortunately, despite the fact the emotional intelligence is not a privilege of the upper classes, the ignorance of its organic functionality hinders most human beings to actually benefit from its potential in their personal lives.

Being myself an emotional Manifestor by design, I am unable to imagine what my life would have been like if I had not encountered this knowledge almost 28 years ago at the time of writing these lines. It seems obvious to me that all the variations of the mechanical formulas in the Human Design System orient the cognitive potential of any human being towards the development of different forms of mental ‘receptivity’. This receptivity empowers the emergence and growth of an intelligence that allows the individual to expand the horizon of its awareness by living surrendered to life, as if it was an adventure whose true purpose was the cultivation of one’s own spirit through personal experience, where in an unexplainable way for the rational mind of most human beings, security and survival are not the top of our vital priorities.

It is astonishing to have a logical and mechanical explanation for this very innovative predisposition in the way to face life in a growing number of human beings, independently of whether they know Human Design or not. However, what I intend to do in this seminar is to try to take the understanding of participants beyond the mechanical surface and present them with the elements that create the cognitive roots that nurture the differentiation of individual awareness in the innermost core of our own senses, from where we are able to transcend the more primitive aspects of survival without renouncing our common sense in the face of the material reality of the only world that is available to us.

Again, during the first day I will present the theoretical foundation of emotional intelligence, both at the mechanical surface level as much as in the details of the cognitive infrastructure, elaborating on the themes of each of the 6 tones and the way they reorient our sensorial equipment. During the second day I will tailor mi answers to the questions of all participants by putting their individual chart on the screen and illustrating the way in which these themes apply to each them in their personal lives.

Price: 200 Euro
Date: 14&15th of August

Time: 10:00 am

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