To become a parent is surely the greatest responsibility that one can take on oneself in this life. However, to feel responsible for someone else’s existence raises the deepest fears a human being can experience. Hence why it is so easy for parents to lose perspective and allow their fearful mind to pull them into homogenized forms of trying to cope with the demands of their new role. This all too often implies their ‘voluntary’ renunciation of the individual they once were, before the birth of the child transformed their genetic role from being a potential ‘lover’ to being a ‘parent’. This transition has a powerful impact on the psyche of the new parents, with implications that can transform the nature of their relationship in irreversible ways. This is the power that the genetic imperative to reproduce has always had on all members of our species, pulling us to bend to the demands of the material reality that is predetermined by 7 centered principles.

Most of us are probably capable of recognizing how much our own parents ‘sacrificed’ their individuality for the sake of their parental roles, something that may have made them ‘good parents’ in the eyes of others, but also something that condemned them to a deep sense of frustration with themselves and with life as the unfulfilled individuals that they continued to be during and after the demands of nurturing were completed. “Genes are cruel”, Ra used to say, and I know that they are, because I know that having a genetic bond to someone does not imply to live in communion with them, or even to share correct and respectful communication, which is probably one of the greatest ‘failures’ a human being can experience in this life. Poor communication between parents and their children was never uncommon in this world, but we live in times in which it is becoming a real pandemic.

Human Design is a mechanical absolute and it reveals the mechanics that allow us to understand the general human condition of helplessness with which we all come into this world, a helplessness that is feared in the homogenized world and misinterpreted as a problem to be eradicated, because we were never capable in the past of clearly identifying the natural gifts (inner authority) that were there from the beginning of our lives to protect us in our journey through it. Human Design reveals the unique characteristics and inherent purpose of every human incarnation, which is not something that is easy to accept and respect for new parents that are not properly grounded in the exploration of their own individuality.

Like with every other ‘new’ knowledge that came into the world, the ones that can be most benefited from it are children that are raised by those who have managed to assimilate the information and integrate it into their own daily lives. Despite the fact that it has always been said that Human Design is for children, the truth is that there is no way that any new born child can benefit from it unless it previously made a difference for the parents, at least for the mother if not for both. When one knows how to recognize the inherent nature of the newborn, there isn’t really much one needs to do in order to nurture it correctly, because mechanics don’t lie and the predisposed nature of the child only needs to be nurtured and respected for what it already is. It is not like you have to put anything on top on it to improve it. This means that most of the work that we will be focusing on during this training is in how to educate the new parents in their ability to recognize the differentiated attributes that are already imprinted in their child’s inherent nature, to help them discover creative ways to nurture their offspring and avoid reproducing the homogenized patterns through which they themselves were conditioned in their own early upbringing.

Nowadays, when there are already a few generations of analysts that have absorbed the foundation of this enlightening body of knowledge, the Child Development Analysis has naturally and logically become of the most required services in the realm of Human Design professional services, and I am happy to contribute to its ongoing expansion by creating a new generation of trained professionals who can deliver this knowledge effectively to coming generations.

During the program I will cover all the essential angles that need to be understood in order to be able to provide the tools that will allow the parents not only to avoid the pitfalls of distorted responsibilities and homogenized role play, but actually enjoy being who they are because the development of the child is never separate from their own development as individuals. Below is an index of all the different topics that will be covered.


  • Nine Centered Parenting and the role of the Child Development Analyst
  • The Penta and the role of the Mother
  • Child Development through Affinity/Difference in Type
  • Child Development through Resonance/Dissonance in Profile
  • Child Development through mutual conditioning in Open Centers
  • Empowering Inner Authority in Children
  • Child Development/Conditioning through Food and Sleep habits
  • Nurturing a unique brain
  • Introduction to PHS and tonal architecture
  • Examples
  • Test and Official IHDS Certification

4 DAYS – AUGUST 18th to 21st, 2020 – 1.100 Euro (1000 EB)